Fox News Reporter Megyn Kelly Will Appear At GOP Debate In January

Megyn Kelly, the Fox News reporter who recently had something of a falling out with GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, will be back. Kelly, who moderated the Republican Party Presidential debate this past Thursday, asked Trump what he considered to be an “unfair” question. discovered the question that set Trump off and got the country into yet another Trump media frenzy.

“You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs, dogs, and disgusting animals’… how will you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton… likely to be the Democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women?”

Trump clearly did not appreciate being asked the question, and took to attacking Kelly and Fox News on social media, namely Twitter. Kelly responded that she was only doing her job, as reporters are supposed to ask such difficult and probing questions.

Trump not only refused to apologize for his insults to Kelly, but also insisted she needed to apologize to him. Kelly is now on a short vacation believed to be unrelated to the feud, but word on the street is that she will return to moderate the GOP debate in January. According to, Megyn refused to apologize to Trump during her show The Kelly File, and added she’ll continue to do her job without fear of retribution.

Trump has managed to throw shade at almost every other presidential hopeful, whether they be Democratic or Republican. According to Inquisitr, Trump was caught saying he “felt badly” for Vermont Democrat Bernie Sanders, and has also hated on John McCain’s status as a war hero and many others just for being politicians. However, this has perhaps been the most conspicuous of Trump’s attacks, maybe due to the fact that some are taking as an insult to all women, not just Megyn Kelly.

.@CarlyFiorina responds to @realDonaldTrump‘s attack on @megynkelly:

— TheBlazeNOW (@TheBlazeNOW) August 8, 2015

Megyn has been taking the high road during this clearly difficult time, and has refused to respond to Donald Trump’s attacks. Most people are already prepping for a round two when Megyn returns to moderate the GOP debate in January. As the L.A. Times discovered, however, the last GOP debate was limited to the top 10 candidates, so Trump may not go up against Kelly a second time depending on the requirements for entering the next debate in January, which have not yet been announced.

[Image Credit: LA Times]