Woman Destroys Hair Salon With Sledgehammer [Video]

Destroying a hair salon with a sledgehammer would probably fit anyone’s definition of a bad hair day.

That’s what a woman who allegedly was unhappy with her ‘do wound up doing, as captured in a cell phone video that has gone viral.

As depicted in the footage embedded below, things got ugly in the beauty salon in the incident that reportedly occurred somewhere in southeast Asia when a woman lost her head, as it were, about what happened on her head.

Some social media users claim that the hair salon video might be staged or a hoax, however, and therefore not legit, in part because the camera is already rolling before the woman begins the rampage. Watch the video embedded below and draw your own conclusions.

That being said, the Mirror of London described what went down with the apparently dissatisfied customer in the red dress wielding a sledgehammer.

“All women experience the trauma of going into a salon expecting luscious locks and coming out looking like they have had a close encounter with a hedge trimmer. But instead of lying meekly to the hairdresser when she asks if you like your new look, this woman decided to show her true feelings — with a sledgehammer… She then proceeds to smash up mirrors and work surfaces, ignoring the pleas of salon staff who vainly try to wrestle the sledgehammer off her.”

There is no word, as yet, if police were summoned to the scene, and/or what happened after the camera stopped recording.

“We all have different ways of coping with grief,” added the Sportsgrid about the incident. “Some people cry, some people overeat, while others pick up a giant hammer and seek vengeance on whoever did them wrong. Apparently that’s what happened to this woman, who went full-on Hulk-mode after her haircut didn’t turn out the way she had liked.”

“I don’t care if this video looks staged as hell. There’s something cathartic about a woman openly raging out about a bad haircut and wrecking house rather than meekly smiling at the hairdresser while wondering what hats are in style,” observed the Death and Taxes website.

BroBible asked a very practical, cost-benefit or risk-reward-related question about the close encounter with a sledgehammer in the hair salon, however. “How much tip did she leave for the stylist and maybe more importantly, was the damage to the salon worth more than the cost of said sh***y haircut?”

[image credit: Shakespeare]