Kevin Durant’s New ‘Nike X Foot Locker’ KD8 YouTube Video Gets Big Reaction Ahead Of KD8 Shoes Release Sale [Video]

The YouTube video titled “Nike x Foot Locker – Eruption featuring Kevin Durant & Friends” has swelled to more than 5,000 views in the seven hours since it was uploaded. Perhaps because of the over-reaction that mimics the way folks at basketball games react to sweet dunks and the way it’s displayed in Durant’s ad is why it’s getting so much attention or love. However, it could just be those sweet KD8 shoes on Kevin’s feet that are bringing the noise.

Either way, folks on Twitter and YouTube are reacting to the spot, which features 2015 dunk contest winner Zach LaVine reading a book, unimpressed by the dunk that sends Durant throwing out his impressive wingspan to hold others on the bench back. As reported by the Bleacher Report, it’s all “ho hum” to Zach, who reads a book called The Funk on Dunk.


Every action has a crowd reaction, says the description of the YouTube video that was posted on August 13.


As such, folks are labeling the new KD8 shoes prominently featured in the spot as must-have shoes.


The over-reaction of the crowd, who alternately begins playing musical instruments or riding a bike frantically or doing flips — along with other amazing feats — are what sets it apart.


And is that Zach Galifianakis appearing as a member of the KD8 crowd within Durant’s commercial, or Zach’s lookalike?


As ads go, this KD8 Durant commercial is unique. With the crowd literally “flipping out” and one man ripping his shirt open as a reaction to the dunk, it’s a comical parody of just how crazy folks can get over dunks in crowds at basketball games.


At the end of the ad (spoiler alert) Kevin calms the crowd down quickly as if nothing has ever happened.


Set to hit stores on Friday, the KD8 shoes should come with a $180 retail price tag, according to Footwear News.


Nike is pumping the whole KD8 suit, which is customizable and lists for $225 for a “KD 8 iD.”

“KD wore the right colors for getting initiated into basketball royalty. To accept his 2014 MVP, he arrived in a clean purple suit that almost stole the show. His sharp garb was only outdone by an unforgettable speech in which he told the world just how much his teammates and mom helped make him who he is today. Get ‘The Suit’ KD8 on August 14 at (10am EDT/7am PDT).”

Like Kanye West’s Yeezy 350 Boost shoe, whiuch quickly sold out and were listed for resale on eBay for as high as $20,000, expect the KD8 Durant shoes to perform a similar feat for those wanting a pair of KD8 shoes on their feet.


[Image via YouTube]