Rebecca Budig Talks ‘General Hospital’ Return: What Lies Ahead For Hayden Barnes?

Rebecca Budig is back on General Hospital, and her character, Hayden Barnes, is clearly going to shake things up in Port Charles. Though she had previously bid farewell to the show and character when Barnes was shot and in a coma, it seems those behind the show decided they had more in store for her. Now Budig is talking about returning to the show and where things are headed.

Budig chatted with On-Air On-Soaps about her return. When Rebecca left General Hospital a while back, she definitely seemed to think that she was done with the soap for good. However, she indicated that she loved the soap world and would be thrilled to get an opportunity to embrace a new role.

Not long ago, Budig revealed that she was indeed returning to the character of Hayden, and now it’s been revealed that she’s signed a four-year deal. Rebecca shared with Soap Opera Digest that she was shocked to hear from executive producer Frank Valentini with an invitation to return, but she is clearly excited about being back.

Obviously, Hayden’s awakening sets the stage for major drama in Port Charles. Hayden knows that Jake Doe is Jason Morgan and she was on her way to tell him that when Nikolas had her shot. Where are things headed for Hayden now?

General Hospital fans know that Ron Carlivati is out as head writer, and the team of Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman are in. Budig worked with Passanante during her All My Children days and it seems the two are thrilled to be together again. Budig admits that she doesn’t know where the character of Hayden is headed, but she’s dying to find out.

The character of Hayden was only supposed to be in Port Charles for two or three episodes, a scenario that worked out just fine for Budig. As fans know, she recently had her first baby, a daughter named Charlotte, so she thought this stint would be a good way to test out working again.

Right now, General Hospital viewers know that Hayden says she has no memory from before her coma. However, it’s a bit of a mystery regarding whether that’s true or she’s just covering. Budig says even she doesn’t know for certain yet.

While there’s clearly an existing relationship between Hayden and Nikolas, some are speculating that Hayden and Patrick could end up together after Jason’s identity is revealed and he may gravitate back toward Sam. At this point, however, Budig says she’s happy working with both men and it seems she’s open to wherever the writers plan to head.

Just who will spill the beans about Jake being Jason? How soon will that finally all be revealed? Fans will have to stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers as the drama plays out with Rebecca Budig back in the mix of it all as Hayden Barnes.

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