Multiple Minneapolis Bicyclists Are Being Attacked

Four Minneapolis bicyclists have been attacked. Mackenzie Jensen, the last bicyclist attacked, suffered severe injuries when a man drove up to him and threw a piece of concrete at his head. The damage? Jensen is now in the hospital after a smashed eye, jaw, and cheek. Specifically, Jensen suffered a broken jaw, five fractures to the bone just right underneath his eye, and a dislocated cheek bone.

The 20-year-old was supposed to start college, but now, due to his injuries, may have to delay that. Three other bicyclists have been attacked within a three week span, People reports. It’s believed that whoever is doing these attacks might be seeking out bicyclists specifically.

According to police officials, there’s one suspect who is believed to be targeting these bicyclists. It’s said that the alleged suspect works in construction, as one of the victims remembers seeing a yellow construction vest right before the attack happened. Police officials said that the alleged suspect was driving around in a white SUV, possibly a Bronco or a pickup truck, while he was making the rounds on these Minneapolis bicyclists.

According to the StarTribune, “Neither Elder nor Ethan Fawley, executive director of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, consider the apparently-unprovoked attacks on Friday as evidence of an escalation of tension between drivers and cyclists. Crash rates involving cyclists in Minneapolis are generally heading down, especially as drivers become more accustomed to cyclists on busy routes.”

As for Jensen, he’s set to undergo his second surgery on Thursday to repair the damage made by the attack, which happened on August 7. Jensen’s mother, Kristin Piper, spoke to People about the horrible attack, “When somebody maliciously hurts your child and had intent, it’s the absolute worst feeling.”

A Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder told People that another bicyclist was also pretty badly injured. Although his injuries aren’t specified, Elder said he had “very serious injuries.” When the unidentified bicyclist was attacked, he fell and was knocked unconscious.

An additional attack happened on August 7. Besides the attack on Jensen, police point out that a woman was attacked at round 4 p.m. The alleged suspect drove to the woman, who was in her car, and threw a piece of concrete at her, but she did not sustain any injuries. Instead, the slab of concrete broke her windshield.

[Image via Mackenzie Jensen]