Black Lives Matter Activists Are At It Again — Interrupt Jeb Bush Rally

Black Lives Matter activists have interrupted a campaign rally of another presidential hopeful – but this time it was Jeb Bush.

Everything seemed to be going well for republican candidate Jeb Bush’s event, who discussed issues related to education, the economy, immigration, and foreign policy, until the very last few minutes of the question and answer part of the event.

“I wanted to ask you about racial injustice, racial inequalities, institutional racism,” attendee Jaime Hall was quoted as saying during the question and answer session, according the Las Vegas Sun.

“Are you going to be talking to different police departments about training reform? You talk about creating a better education system, but if kids in the neighborhoods are seeing their fathers and brothers and cousins killed, why would they want to go to school and excel?”

Jeb Bush responded to the question by calling the issues “serious problems” that “have gotten worse in the last few years.”

“Communities, people no longer trust the basic institutions in our society that they need to trust to create, to make things work,” NBC News quoted Bush as saying.

Bush seemed to contradict himself, first stating that the “serious problems […] have gotten worse in the last few years,” and later claiming that “there’s been significant progress.”

Just as Jeb Bush was finishing his answer, a group of Black Lives Matter activists began shouting out their slogan, pushing Bush to hurriedly end the rally.

According to CNN, the Bush campaign later claimed that he met with Black Lives Matter advocates before the rally. (Would that explain why they waited till the end before interrupting the event?)

The latest act by Black Lives Matter activists comes just days after an even more controversial interruption of democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ rally in Seattle.

In an even more provocative interruption than the one Jeb Bush faced, CNN reported that two Black Lives Matter leaders in Seattle “jumped barricades around the stage and grabbed the microphone” from Senator Bernie Sanders “seconds after Sanders took to the stage.” They did not even wait for the question and answer session that time.

Luckily for Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter activists arrived late at her New Hampshire event and were prevented from entering due to the venue’s alleged full capacity. According to the Guardian, the former first lady did meet with them after the event finished.

What’s your take on the way Black Lives Matter activists have been dealing with 2016 presidential candidates?

[Photo by Joshua Lott / Getty Images]