Hong Kong Man Spends $51,600 On Helicopter Marriage Proposal [Video]

This didn’t come cheap, of course and the whole deal cost him HK$400,000 (around $51,600).

First Victor Tang, 37, first bought the perfect 1.5-carat diamond engagement ring, knocking him back more than $26,000. He then booked a luxury corner suite at the tallest skyscraper hotel, the Ritz-Carlton, 100 floors up in West Kowloon and offering sweeping views of Victoria Harbor. The room set him back $3,350, presumably for just the one day.

According to the Shanghaiist, the next expense was the $19,350 helicopter flight, booked to pass the hotel suite at just the right moment and pulling a huge banner behind it. The banner was red, approximately the size of a basketball court and bore the words: “I love you! Stephanie BB, will you marry me?”

Hong Kong

Not to forget, the hopeful future bridegroom also paid a further $1,935 for a video crew to capture the entire event for posterity.

Tang works with Stephanie Cheung, 30, at Hutchinson Global Communications in Hong Kong and has been planning the perfect marriage proposal for months. The couple have been seeing each other for just over a year.

He told the South China Morning Post: “She doesn’t like typical proposals,” so the traditional method of taking her to a fancy restaurant and getting down on one knee was out of the question.

“She’s shy so she wanted something more private but something dramatic, exciting, not traditional.”

And Tang certainly managed to come up with the perfect idea, but at a huge cost.

“Some people will say it’s crazy to do this, but she didn’t ask for a big house or a high-class car and she doesn’t always buy shoes or dresses or ask to go to fancy restaurants.”

“But she wanted a memorable wedding proposal.

“I never imagined I would do something like this. I’m not a rich guy but I control my budget.”

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Cheung was teary-eyed when she told the Hong Kong media, minutes after saying a resounding “yes,” how surprised she was and that she didn’t expect it to happen that day. She had apparently been trying to get Tang to propose for some time.

“I’m so surprised, I didn’t expect that it would happen today because before, I always chased him to propose but he just said ‘maybe November or December’ so this was totally beyond my expectations.”

So the planning and expense were totally worthwhile and the couple are now looking forward to a happy and maybe not so high-flying future together.

According to Gavin Neale of HeliAds, who arranged the fly-by, as far as he knows Tang’s proposal was a world-first. He added that while many people use a plane with a banner to pop the question, which would have been much cheaper, due to air safety rules in Hong Kong that would not have been a possibility.

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[Images: Screengrab from YouTube video]