Hilary Duff And Emma Roberts Partied Hard At Chateau Marmont, But How Did They Get Home? [Gallery]

It’s no secret that Emma Roberts was a fan of Hilary Duff’s music, but the latest in Ms. Roberts’ highly publicized lifestyle proves the two are more than mere admirers. To judge by the photos, Duff and Roberts are close pals, or at least, they’re close enough to be considered drinking buddies. Hilary and Emma were the center of attention amidst a large gathering of friends, as the swarm left Chateau Marmont on Saturday night.

Both Emma Roberts and Hilary Duff were dressed for a night on the town with Roberts wearing a tan-colored Tanya Taylor miniskirt and Duff dressed in a lacy black dress, but by the time the two headed out to the hired car to call it a night, both Emma and Hilary were clearly headed for home.

The evening started out with dinner, but it seems both Ms. Roberts and Ms. Duff spent the evening celebrating heavily, though the party never left the Chateau Marmont until it was time to call it a night.

The night seemed particularly hard on Emma, as she was seen going into the Chateau Marmont with her dirty blonde hair flowing wildly about her shoulders, but by the time Ms. Roberts left the hotel, her hair was tied up in a tightly tamed ponytail.

Hilary wasn’t completely unaffected by the heavy partying, as can be seen in her cheery, rosy red cheeks, as Ms. Duff smiles in so many of the candid pictures.

Hilary’s latest project has landed her in Younger, which airs on TV Land and concerns a single mother taking advantage of her young looks to essentially reboot her life. Ms. Duff is also set to star in Path of Redemption, a crime drama scheduled for a 2016 theatrical release.

Emma will be one of the central figures in Ryan Murphy’s newest horror-themed series, Scream Queens.

“She’s pretending to be something that she’s not and part of the fun of that character is peeling away those layers as we go on and see the vulnerabilities that she has and explain,” Scream Queens creator Ryan Murphy revealed about Ms. Roberts’ character. “Also, why is she this way. She obviously has had a long and storied background with the sorority.”

Emma Roberts strives to make a name for herself outside of the influences of her family, several of whom are successfully involved in show business.

“I think there are a lot of people out there who say the really low blow of ‘She’s just in the business because of her family’. I do it because I love to do it. There have been a lot of parts I’ve been up for that I haven’t gotten. I don’t get everything handed to me like some people think. I mean, people say, ‘Oh, do you feel like you’re living in Julia’s shadow?’ I don’t at all, because I’m not trying to be her. I’m just being myself and doing what I want to do. I’m having a lot of fun, and I feel like I am making a name for myself, as well — on being treated differently for being related to Julia Roberts.”

[Featured image: Emma Roberts and Hilary Duff courtesy of AKM-GSI]