WWE Rumors: Could The Next ‘Paul Heyman Guy’ Be Named During ‘SummerSlam’ Weekend?

Over the years, there have been a number of wrestlers in WWE who have been privileged enough to be called “Paul Heyman Guys.” One of the longest running is that of Brock Lesnar, but there have been a handful of others along the way. It’s always interesting to know if another wrestler will be good enough to get the title, and NXT superstar Finn Balor is teasing that the next could be him.

Finn Balor is scheduled to defend the NXT Championship during SummerSlam weekend against Kevin Owens. They will be involved in a ladder match for the title that will take place the night before the big WWE event at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.

Well, Balor isn’t scheduled and hasn’t even been rumored to be on the SummerSlam card or event, but he’s teasing it. He’s also teasing an alliance with none other than Paul Heyman himself via Instagram.

#FinnArt #FinnBálor #HeymanGuy #summerslam ??

A photo posted by Finn Bálor (@wwebalor) on

The image could be nothing more than Finn Balor just playing around and trying to get into the heads of the fans. Looking closer at the image though, it’s interesting to see all of the small details that are in it.

On the desk is a Polaroid picture of Finn Balor which sits right next to a statue of Brock Lesnar. Looking at the wall, the date of SummerSlam is written in red as is “Demon” for Balor and “King” which is presumably for Paul Heyman.

Throughout time, there have been a handful of “Paul Heyman Guys” with some of them being extremely successful such as Lesnar, CM Punk, and Rob Van Dam. Other such as Curtis Axel, The Miz, and Ryback have gone on to different things, but weren’t the most successful under his tutelage.

Being a “Paul Heyman Guy” goes back further than WWE though and others were:

That is a short line of many successful stars over the years, and there aren’t a whole lot of them. There aren’t many “Paul Heyman Guys” because that title isn’t just given to anyone. You have to be a certain type of person, have that something special, and know when to keep your mouth shut and listen.

Again, it could just be Finn Balor messing around with fans on Instagram as he isn’t even scheduled to be on SummerSlam, but he will be in the city. The NXT Champion will have a battle before the big event, and Paul Heyman is sure to like what he sees.

[Image via WWE]