Five Ways To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft And Hackers

Jose Florez

Identity theft occurs on a daily basis and is everywhere. Doing a quick Google search about it, will yield millions of results on how to prevent it from happening. And there are even movies like Identity Thief, which paints the picture of how horrible it is to be in this situation.

Although some helpful sites may state the obvious -- like don't give our your personal information to anyone -- there are those other underrated tips that many don't know and could help prevent the next identity theft.

Unfortunately, recovering from identity theft is hard, just as the Consumer Federal Trade Commission suggests. Crimes like identity theft tends to happen to those who least expect it.

I've compiled a bunch of great tips that you can use to prevent someone from snatching your identity. Although none of these tips are bulletproof, it can however, reduce the chances of it happening to you.

Think you might be a victim of identity theft or want more information on how to prevent one? Go to the official Federal Trade Commission's website -- there are more tips on how to prevent your identity from getting stolen.

One great way to get rid of old documents is to place them inside your barbecue, lit them on fire, sweep off the ashes and you're done.

(Photo via Identity Thief by Universal Pictures)