Tianjin Graphic Videos, Weibo Photos Show Explosion Knocking Down A Glass Wall On A Man: #PrayersForTianjin [Video]

The explosion that has devastated portions of the Chinese city of Tianjin has caused dozens of reported injuries thus far, reports CNN?. The massive blast has reportedly taken the lives of at least seven people, with more than 300 injuries being reported. The northern Chinese city of Tianjin took the brunt of the blast as a Tianjin shipment blew up, reports BBC News?.

Warning: Images and videos might be disturbing to some viewers. On Weibo, the Chinese social media site, images and videos of the Tianjin explosion are being uploaded by those closer to the blast.


On Twitter, the hashtag #Tianjin has gone viral, with some of the media footage of videos and photos found beneath the label showing how truly powerful and devastating was the blast that rocked the busy Chinese city. Because Tianjin is a major port city, the source of the blast is being pegged as coming from a container where material that was flammable was located, as reported by CCTV.

Details are still flowing in about the explosion in Tianjin that occurred Wednesday evening, with the exact cause of the blast not yet made clear or discovered. Initially, there appeared to be a fire raging that got plenty of folks’ attention and their phones recording video, because that’s when the second, larger blast — or series of blasts — occurred.

However, even as those details are being uncovered, folks are taking to social media to show just how bad the explosion became. One video shows a man standing near a glass door, and the security footage reveals the blast sending the glass wall shattering down upon him.

Other photos from the Tianjin aftermath show people bleeding — and the videos plus their audio display the sheer terror and fear heard in the voices of those who were recording videos of the blast.

The footage of the Tianjin explosion is reminiscent of Hiroshima bombs with the huge mushroom cloud — this time made of flames — that erupts and causes windows to shatter miles away.

Other horrific images of the Tianjin blast show a young man with his leg apparently blown off, as he sits in the hospital with his severed leg wrapped in bandages at the knee.

Indeed, prior to the Tianjin blast, the latest viral news coming out of China involved the delightful fireworks “sky ladder” created by a man celebrating his grandmother’s 100th birthday, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now those tweets about the fireworks display have turned into #PrayersForTianjin, as the depth of the blast becomes widely known by viewers.

[Image via Weibo]

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