‘Sky Ladder’ Fireworks YouTube Video: 80 Seconds Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen [Video]

Most firework videos are pretty beautiful and standard. Generally, there’s video of fireworks in a variety of colors bursting outward like flower petals. Occasionally, the fireworks wriggle around like smart bombs, or form squares and the kind of shapes learned about in geometry class. Once in a while the fireworks rain down like tears, but the fireworks rarely climb in a manner that forms a stairway to heaven of sorts. Until now.

The video titled “Sky Ladder using Fireworks!” is going viral in many different forms and copies of videos on YouTube due to the way the fireworks build upwards and form what looks like a hot orange ladder to the heavens.


Published on August 11, in its latest form, the YouTube video makes reference to the popular song “Stairway to Heaven” in the description and gives background into the creator of the ladder made of fireworks.

“Stairways into Heavens…’Sky Ladder,’ a 1650 feet high pyrotechnic artwork by Cai Guoqiang, a Chinese contemporary artist currently living and working in New York City. Cai is best known for using gunpowder in his spectacular works. #VideofromChina”

According to Yahoo, this was Guoqiang’s third attempt to create such a fireworks ladder. Cai employed a hot-air balloon to finally find a successful way to display his fireworks ladder for 80 seconds — after 21 years of dreaming of accomplishing such a feat. Hailing from Quanzhou City of south-east China’s Fujian Province, Cai used his hometown as the backdrop for his now viral and successful ladder of fireworks.

It took an approximately 1,500-foot tall apparatus of wires that included fireworks, tethered to a huge weather balloon to keep it aloft in order to pull off “Sky Ladder” in 2015. Cai tried to first do so in 1994, but strong winds opposed his balloon. He tried the second time in 2001, but again his Sky Ladder plans were nixed due to the September 11 tragedy cutting off access to air spaces.

Finally, Guoqiang was able to get a thrilling Sky Ladder fireworks display off the ground in time to celebrate his grandmother’s 100th birthday. The Sky Ladder made of fireworks, as reported by TIME, was an obvious thrill to watch — with the excitement of the onlookers being heard in the 80-second long video. The comments beneath the YouTube video joke about heavenly matters and rock groups.

“Led Zeppelin approves.”

“Is that you God?”

As reported by the Inquisitr, another video recently going viral includes the second season sneak peek of The Affair.

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