Ariel Winter Surgery Scoop: ‘Modern Family’ Teen Talks About Breast Reduction Surgery

Modern Family star Ariel Winter had surgery recently, and the star is opening up about her decision. The teen had breast reduction surgery in June, and now she’s talking about why she decided to move ahead with the surgery now rather than wait until she was older.

The actress tells Glamour that she had been struggling with feeling self-conscious about the issue for a while. She says that at the time of her sister’s wedding, she had been hoping for some growth, but then it seemingly happened overnight and her size became an issue.

Ariel Winter’s surgery decision came as she struggled with being a size 32F at the age of 15. She says that she worked on navigating the situation, though it was hard to find clothes that fit properly on her frame that was otherwise quite petite. In addition to the issue of clothing, she found herself hunching over a lot and was dealing with physical pain over her breast size.

The Modern Family star says that she had talked with some family members about a breast reduction, and several of her cousins have gone the same route. Though Ariel has had her fair share of challenges when it comes to family dynamics, it seems that those close to her stood behind Ariel Winter’s surgery decision. After thinking about it for some time, she made the decision to go ahead with it a couple of months ago.

While some might wonder if the teen’s decision was a result of online bullying she endured, she says that ultimately, she did it for herself. It seems clear that she has no regrets, as she says it’s amazing to finally feel right. She says that she now feels like a new person.

Winter talks about how she struggled to find swimsuits and other pieces of clothing that fit properly, presented the right image, were age-appropriate, and allowed her to fit in with her peers. Though she typically appears confident, she now says that she was putting on a good show and she felt unhappy on the inside.

As People details, Winter felt very uncomfortable with how the media focused on her cleavage and what she feels was over-sexualization. She didn’t like that she was becoming more well-known for her figure than her work, and her doctor fully supported her decision.

The Modern Family star says that she worked with her doctor to determine her post-surgery size. Ariel Winter’s surgery reduced her from a size 32F to a 34D, and she says that given her natural curves, she and her doctor felt that she shouldn’t go smaller than a C. She wants to be proportionate, and it seems she’s thrilled with the results.

While Winter’s pre-surgery size was affecting her confidence and personal life, she says that it was affecting her work, as well. She says wardrobe became a challenge on the Modern Family set, and she was finding herself in a difficult spot regarding casting for other opportunities. She was too developed to play young teens, but she is isn’t looking to play roles older than her actual age, either.

The teen could have tried to keep this all to herself, but she says she knew that people would speculate. The Modern Family star says that she hopes some good can come of her decision to share her story, and she’s feeling great. From the looks of the online commentary, fans think that Ariel Winter’s surgery decision was the right call, and she’s got a lot of support.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]