WWE Rumors: Will Sting Really Not Show Up At ‘SummerSlam?’ — Three Matches That Sting Could Involve Himself In

This year’s SummerSlam is set to be so big that it needed to be extended to four hours, and it is going to be headlined by The Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar. It seems as though WWE would want to have all its focus on the event, but the build-up has been a tad lackluster. Most matches were just announced this week, and it still seems like something is missing. That “something” is Sting, and he could still get involved in one of these ways.

For months, it was rumored that Sting was going to be in a match at SummerSlam, and it even got to the point where there was a specific reason for pairing him with Roman Reigns. Then, the rumors stopped, Sting was booked for the meet-and-greet, and no longer on the card.

It was kind of weird, and the rumors just totally died. Sting literally went from being in a match to being pulled from the card entirely. Still, would WWE have him in New York and not use him on the card?

Is WWE really swerving everyone so Sting’s appearance can be a total shock? It seems as if the company could really use him to hype the show, as Bleacher Report believes. Well, if he does show up at SummerSlam, here are some of the ways it could happen.

1. Interfere in the match between The Wyatt Family vs. Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns

A rumored feud between Bray Wyatt and Sting has been in the supposed works for months, but it may not start here. Speculation is running wild that Dean Ambrose could turn heel on Roman Reigns, which would then move the Wyatts onto something different and new.

2. Interfere in the Winner Takes All match for the WWE Title

Sting has never held the WWE Title, and in fact, he’s never even had a shot at it. Word is that the feud between Seth Rollins and John Cena is supposed to go long-term, but Sting getting involved could make it interesting and give him at least a chance at the elusive championship.

3. Interfere in the match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar

This is the big one, and many feel as if the match is going to end clean, no matter what. Still, that doesn’t have to stop Sting from making himself known after the match concludes. The Undertaker is already being teased for Survivor Series, as it will be the 25th anniversary of his WWE debut, as well as the one-year anniversary of Sting’s debut.

WWE could hold off on beginning the build toward a possible WrestleMania 32 match between Sting and Undertaker until Survivor Series, but who knows? It would be a huge and shocking ending to SummerSlam if after the main event, the crow cries and Sting appears.

Sting may end up only appearing at the meet-and-greet over the WWE SummerSlam weekend, but that just seems odd. He has a number of spots that could have him get involved for a new feud, but that remains to be seen.

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