WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Original Plans And Possible Heel Turns For ‘SummerSlam’ — Who Could Make A Shocking Turn?

WWE is finally starting to put together a decent card for SummerSlam, which is said to be so big this year that it requires the event to be four hours. Still, it seems as if things have been moving slow, and that is due to some injuries and original plans being up in the air on what is to happen. There’s also the confusion as to what will take place, and one of those things could be a giant heel turn.

One of the biggest storylines going into the event in less than two weeks is Arrow star Stephen Amell getting into the ring for a match. He will team up with Neville, master of the Red Arrow, to face off against Stardust and King Barrett.

According to WrestleZone, the original plan called for Neville and Amell to face off against Stardust and The Miz. That’s why Miz got involved in the Twitter war between the two for a while. When Ryback was injured, and the IC Title match at Battleground postponed, plans changed for The Miz to stay in that feud.

Once that happened, it was decided that Stardust would be teamed with King Barrett.

WWE also had a back-up plan in place for the WWE Title match if John Cena’s injury was going to keep him out of action. If that was the case, the WWE Title match would turn into a triple threat, with Randy Orton and Sheamus added in.

wwe summerslam winner takes all

Last night on Tough Enough, John Cena appeared and looked to be in great shape, but he also had an announcement. Cena officially accepted Rollins’ challenge for a “Winner Takes All” match at SummerSlam, and it is now on the card.

Now, it looks as if Orton and Sheamus will get another one-on-one match.

One other rumor going around comes from the Wrestling Observer, and it is in regard to a possible huge heel turn happening at SummerSlam. It’s one that has been rumored and reportedly in the making for months, and it would be Dean Ambrose turning on Roman Reigns.

Actually, it was rumored way back at Money In The Bank that Reigns would turn heel and take out Ambrose. Obviously, that never happened, and the idea hasn’t gone away, but has simply been tweaked a little.

Wrestling fans have waited for one of the two to turn heel, as they’ve been far too friendly with each other, and it almost seems too over-the-top. Vince McMahon is determined to make Reigns a top-notch babyface star, even if the fans don’t want it, so Ambrose turning is the new rumored plan.

A lot was supposed to happen at WWE SummerSlam and a lot still will and could happen at the event, too. Original plans could have really made things different, but rumored future plans could have a big-time heel turn and bring more interesting feuds to come.

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