Next ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins? Sources Say This Fan Favorite Is Handing Out Roses In Season 20 [Updated]

Fans are already buzzing about ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season, despite the network holding back on making any official announcements quite yet. However, Ben Higgins is said to be the man preparing to hand out roses, and new reports are coming out indicating that this choice may well be a done deal. What’s the latest scoop on this front?

Reality Steve’s spoilers have been saying for weeks now that the next Bachelor is Ben Higgins for the 2016 season. Steve reinforced that this is the case in his newest blog post. Steve says that despite plenty of misdirection playing out in the media or on social media that the spot is still open, Ben is the next Bachelor star.

Though there may be buzz circulating that Nick or the other Ben might have a shot at this gig, it seems that this is all just for show. Higgins became the focus for the next season a while back and by the time the “Men Tell All” special aired, it seems it was his opportunity if he wanted it. Though some Bachelor fans have been speculating that he’ll be out of the country or is dating another franchise star, Steve says none of that is the case.

Now, Us Weekly is getting in on the action. They are also saying that Ben is the Bachelor 2016 lead. Their sources indicate that Higgins just turned down a promotion at work in order to keep his options open and he is clearing his schedule.

Some fans have been wondering if romance is blossoming between Ben and Tenley Molzahn of Bachelor in Paradise. The two have been spotted together, and BIP spoilers tease that she may well be available. According to Us Weekly, though, the two are holding back on exploring a relationship because they don’t want to jeopardize his opportunity with Season 20 of The Bachelor.

Filming of Season 20 will begin in mid-September and premiere in January 2016. Fans may have to wait a bit yet for a formal announcement from ABC, but at this point it does seem that all signs are pointing to Higgins for this one. Could Molzahn make a surprise appearance on the new season as has become the norm in so many seasons? Will Ben find love?

For now, fans will have to stay tuned for more Bachelor 2016 spoilers as the new season moves forward. Ben Higgins is definitely a fan favorite now and many are hopeful that there could be a great and sincere season ahead if he is indeed handing out roses as many reports indicate.

Update: Access Hollywood is also now quoting sources who say that the next Bachelor is Ben Higgins. Naturally, ABC is declining to comment on the buzz at this point.

[Image via Glamour]