Texas Mass Murderer Admits To Shooting Dead 2 Adults And 6 Children In Cold Blood After Breaking Into Their Home

Texas police were in for a shock when they received a call on Saturday about a welfare check-up at a home in Falling Oaks Road. When they arrived at the scene at 9 p.m., they saw the body of a dead child lying on the floor as they looked inside through a window. Police officials then forced their way into the home and discovered seven more bodies; each victim appeared to have been handcuffed before suffering a fatal gunshot wound to the back of the head.

Conley, however, was still inside of the home when police arrived and was reluctant to surrender until an hour later. He was handcuffed and arrested after confessing to the mass murders.

He told police officials that he became irate when he arrived at the home and discovered the locks had been changed after moving out. When he noticed an unlocked window, he slipped inside and handcuffed his ex-girlfriend and her husband as well as their five children, including his son before murdering them in cold blood.

The victims were identified on Sunday as 40-year-old Valerie Jackson and her husband Dwayne, 50, as well as their five children: Jonah, six; Trinity, seven; Caleb, nine; Dwayne, Jr., 10; and Honesty, 11.

Another child, Nathaniel, 13, who happened to be Conley’s son as well as Valerie’s was also killed.

After the eight bodies were found in the Texas home, “Cops were walking around with their handguns out, telling people to remain in their houses. They were also telling them to evacuate. It was extremely scary,” said 19-year-old neighbor Alan Cartagena.

“We’re here today on a very sad day,” Chief Deputy Tim Cannon said at a conference. “We’re here with our brothers in arms standing behind us because we’re all hurting. It’s a difficult day for us at the sheriff’s office. Once again, a tragedy has struck…our city. Our hearts go out to those…affected by this tragedy.”

Conley’s court hearing was on Monday, but he did not appear. He was charged with three counts of capital murder, and he is currently being held at the county jail without a bond.

This is a developing story.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]