‘Pretty Little Liar’ Villain Is Revealed, And Some Viewers Are Unhappy

It took six seasons, but fans of Pretty Little Liars finally know who the villainous “A” is.

And there are more than a few unhappy fans following the big reveal.

Prior to the season finale, Pretty Little Liars viewers learned that “A” was Charles DiLaurentis, Allison’s estranged brother who was institutionalized as a young child.

Now viewers know that Charles (or “A”) later became Charlotte DiLaurentis, a character fans of the show knew as CeCe Drake. Viewers also learned that Black Widow and Red Coat were one and the same – Sara Harvey.

According to Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King, the plan for CeCe/Charlotte to become “A” was settled upon during the third season of the show.

“And so we really did start production, I think the first two episodes of season three, knowing it was going to be one of those three people. But then I think two episodes in to season three I remember I don’t know how I came up with this idea but it was something that I came in and I pitched to the writers’ room and everyone was like, ‘Yeah let’s do it. Let’s not make it those three, let’s make it this person.'”

Not all fans of Pretty Little Liars like the development. A petition was launched on change.org for ABC Family to refilm the season finale. Less than five hours after the show aired, the petition had already been signed by 676 supporters. An anonymous blogger wrote a letter that will accompany the online petition.

“Anyone who watched the Pretty Little Liars season 6A finale knows it was a total let down. We were told repeatedly that the writers would not be tackling transgender characters and that Charles was a male. We were lied to. All I am asking for is for the writers and producers to make an alternative ending for the sixth season, making someone who actually makes sense and we’ve seen in more than twelve or thirteen episodes. They can continue their series their own way, but we, as the fans, would like to have an alternative ending. Anyone would have been better than Sara and Cece.”

Even more Pretty Little Liars viewers took to Twitter following the show to voice their displeasure. Fans had #PrettyLittleLiars trending shortly after the show, and more than 176,000 tweets were sent out within the first few hours after airing Tuesday night.

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[Image by D Dipasupil/Getty Images]