LA Lakers Rumors: Team Could Look To Miami Heat To Trade For Chris Andersen

The LA Lakers aren’t done making moves on the team this offseason, and could still sign another free agent or even trade for a key player. Rumors are flying right now that the Lakers could end up looking to the Miami Heat in hopes of trading for the “Birdman” himself, Chris Andersen.

On Monday, the Lakers brought in 14 players for workouts, but those players could be nothing more than training camp bodies to help in practice. If one stands out enough, they could be signed to a contract and still on the roster come the regular season.

In the meantime, the Lakers are looking at possibly bringing in a more experienced and veteran player, and that could be Chris Andersen.

Sports World Report states that the Lakers are truly interested in signing JaVale McGee, but have strong competition from the New York Knicks for him. From that point, the focus will shift to Carlos Boozer and where he may end up landing, which could be whatever team doesn’t sign McGee.

The Lakers have long been willing to trade away Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly, who have been on the block for months. Knowing that, the trade for Chris Andersen is quite possible, as it appears the Heat are desperately trying to get rid of his contract and that of Mario Chalmers.

The Heat have been shopping around Andersen, but his $5 million-a-year contract is not drawing a lot of interest. If the Lakers are willing to take on his pay, then they may easily be able to pull it off and get him in Los Angeles.

If Chris Andersen is traded to the Lakers, he would be the big man back-up that the team has been searching for this whole offseason. He would come off the bench to back up Roy Hibbert, but there could be times that the Lakers put them both on the floor together.

Andersen’s contract is a huge take-on for any team in the NBA, and that’s why he is still in Miami. There are teams out there which may have a need for him, though, and the Lakers look as if they could be one of them.

Right now, the LA Lakers look to be the frontrunners to sign JaVale McGee, and if that happens, the trade talk for Chris Andersen will end. If McGee ends up in New York, though, LA may end up taking on a huge contract and hope Andersen can deliver off of the bench.

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