LA Lakers Rumors: Team Working Out 14 Players Today, Looking For Depth

The LA Lakers have been looking for depth this entire offseason, and they have found a number of good players to fill the spots. Well, it doesn’t look as if they are entirely satisfied yet, and they are still looking for more player. On Monday, the Lakers are working out 14 players to see if there is someone out there who can possibly bring them valuable minutes off of the bench.

Sportando has reported that the team is looking for players to fill out their roster for training camp. With their first preseason game now less than two months away, they need some players to help in practice and possibly be that diamond in the rough.

Even though all of the 14 players have not had their names publicly announced, some of them have leaked out. Two that are certain to be there are free agents Jonathan Holmes and Bobby Brown.

Oddly enough, though, Lakers Nation reported a couple of days ago that Holmes had already come to an agreement with the Lakers. Holmes is an undrafted free agent of out Texas, and he would fill a void for the Lakers. Still, he’s not being seen as more than a training camp body at this time.

Reports have also come out that forward Eric Moreland and D.J. Kennedy will be at the workout on Monday for the Lakers. ESPN is reporting on a couple more players that have been added to the list as well, including Sean Kilpatrick.

With all of these rumors, that only lists about six of the 14 who will be working out for the LA Lakers on Monday. It’s going to be interesting to see who the other eight end up being and if anyone actually sticks around.

At this time, the Lakers have 12 players with guaranteed contracts while Tarik Black and Jabari Brown have non-guaranteed deals. Robert Upshaw was offered a multiyear deal from the Lakers in July, but he has yet to sign it.

The LA Lakers are bringing in 14 players for workouts today, but none of them may end up being on the final roster for the regular season. Still, one or two may stand out and show something that inspires the Lakers to keep them around.

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