‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Joshua Albers Blames Who For Drug Story?

Bachelor In Paradise is back and in its second week, the contestants are already sharing some shocking stories. On Sunday’s episode, Joshua Albers joined the cast in Mexico and was quick to ask Tenley Molzahn out on a date. They seemed to enjoy themselves in paradise, but after the date, she learned that he had shared some shocking stories with the rest of the Bachelor In Paradise cast.

Apparently, this Bachelor In Paradise star was talking about doing Molly, which is a hallucinogenic drug. Joshua explained that he had done the drug one night in Vegas, but then continued on and explained that there was a bar in Los Angeles that actually serves the drug out of coconuts. In other words, many of the Bachelor In Paradise contestants felt that he was doing the drug on a regular basis and wanted to protect Molzahn.

According to a new TMZ report, Bachelor In Paradise star Joshua Albers is now revealing that he isn’t pleased with the way the story came across. Joshua claims a Bachelor In Paradise producer told him about the bar in Los Angeles and he was just relaying the information in a conversation. Albers blames editing and shares that the story wasn’t about him doing drugs at all.

“It wasn’t too bad because they know the effect of editing…. Plus, they know that if it was as big a deal as they made it out to be, there would have certainly been footage of JJ (another cast member) running his mouth about it,” he has said after watching Sunday’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, adding about his parents, “They know their baby boy better than that.”

Apparently, he was so shocked by Sunday’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise that he had to call his parents to let them know that the portrayal was just wrong. Of course, Joshua knows the power of reality television and what makes a good show. But he was shocked regardless at how the Bachelor In Paradise producers decided to handle the situation. It made him seem like a drug user, which could have cost him his job at home.

“I don’t know how ‘Bachelor In Paradise‘ producers sleep at night,” he added.

Tenley didn’t seem too shocked at first, but maybe the idea of him doing drugs at all made her go a different direction. That is too bad if this is truly how things went down on Bachelor In Paradise. According to the Inquisitr, Tenley is working on her new business venture, and she doesn’t want to let someone’s partying get in the way.

Do you think Joshua sounded like a drug user on Bachelor In Paradise?

[Image via ABC]