WWE Star Roman Reigns Attacked By Fan, WWE Issues ‘Somewhat Strict’ Warning [Video]

A fan attacked WWE star Roman Reigns as the wrestler was in the middle of a fight. On Saturday, August 8th, a rabid fan attacked the star by tossing a a replica “Money in the Bank” briefcase in to the ring during the fight. The WWE star was hit in the head, and the fan who attacked him with the briefcase was ejected from the WWE arena and arrested by Victoria, British Columbia police.

According to The Bleacher Report, The Canadian Press (via CTVNews.ca), released a statement on Sunday after the fan attacked the WWE star. That statement included a brief synopsis of the WWE event, provided by Victoria police spokesman Sgt. Bryan Edwards:

“Edwards says other fans saw the briefcase – a replica of one used in WWE shows – and began chanting for the man to throw the briefcase into the ring. The overzealous fan tossed the briefcase into the ring, hitting wrestler Roman Reigns in the back of the head. Edwards says that no one was hurt and no charges were laid after an apology was given by the fan. The 31-year-old male has been banned from any WWE wrestling shows in the future.”

Wrestling Inc. provided first eye witness accounts of the incident. According to Wresting Inc., the match referee ran to the aid of security to eject the man who attacked the WWE star, and although Reigns “appeared to be stunned and frustrated” after he was attacked by the fan, he still performed the match.

As reported by Inquisitr, a fan reported to Wresting Inc a first eye witness account of the WWE star being attacked. “I was at the WWE Summerslam tour live show tonight in Victoria BC and have footage of Roman Reigns just after being hit in the back/neck with a fan thrown object, a fake money in the bank briefcase, from the first row during his bout with Bray Wyatt. An altercation ensued in which the ref had to leave the ring and run to the aid of security.”

“The fans were ejected, possibly charged. Reigns seemed stunned for a bit but did carry on with the match, even though he was obviously frustrated. I have posted video to YouTube immediately leading up to it and just as it happened.”

After the wrestling star was attacked by the fan, the WWE issued an updated “somewhat strict” warning to viewers to not throw objects into the arena, reports Wresting Inc.

[Image credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images]