Lindsay Lohan: Bill At Restaurant Ditched By LiLo, In Epic Chew And Screw In Greece

Lindsay Lohan didn’t pay her bill after dining at a restaurant in Greece. According to HNGN, Lindsay Lohan and pals enjoyed an “expensive seafood dinner” at an eatery in the European country while on vacation there last month. When the bill arrived, however, LiLo and friends just up and left, not leaving a penny on the table. The bill totaled a whopping $1,300.

“She invited about 10 guy friends to dinner at the Sea Satin restaurant and ordered crab legs and lobster, the most expensive thing on the menu. Everyone, including Lindsay, split without paying,” a source said via Radar Online. It is unclear if Lindsay figured that she was a big enough celebrity that the bill should be comped, or if she decided to “chew and screw” because she couldn’t afford to pay.

Lindsay Lohan didn’t even look at the bill before heading out of the restaurant. According to Contact Music, however, the staff at the restaurant ended up chasing Lohan out, and getting the group to pay. But it wasn’t Lohan who forked over the money to cover the pricey bill.

“‘Eventually one of her friends returned to the restaurant to pay up,” said a source.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this is not the first time that Lohan has tried to leave a place without paying the tab. In 2012, she was at one of her former fave haunts, Chateau Marmont, and when the $46,350 bill came, she “refused” to pay it. The staff contacted her for two months after her visit, but LiLo wouldn’t pay.

“Lindsay — who had been living and eating at the hotel — was ordered to get her stuff out and she was subsequently banned from the entire property,” reported the Inquisitr.

Aside from Lindsay Lohan not paying a restaurant bill here and there, she apparently doesn’t always pay the people that she hires to work for her either. Lohan’s former personal assistant recently filed a lawsuit claiming that she is owed about $5,000 for hours that she put in that Lindsay never paid her for… it does not sound like LiLo has any intention of paying that kind of money to anyone.

What do you make of Lindsay Lohan’s refusal to pay bills? Do you think that she feels entitled, or is this part of her going through some financial crisis? Do you feel bad for LiLo at all?

[Photo by Ian Gavan / Getty Images Entertainment]