Alien UFO Creature Floating In Space Spotted Near ISS Astronaut Performing Extravehicular Activity, Blogger Says [Video]

YouTube UFO hunter UFO Lou reports sighting a mysterious UFO or ET phenomenon on NASA’s live video from the International Space station. He says he is baffled because he has never seen anything like the “unknown object” before.

According to the UFO hunter, the live video from NASA’s ISS uploaded to YouTube on August 10, 2015, shows an “unknown object” moving to and fro near an astronaut performing extravehicular activity (EVA).

The UFO hunter admits he is unable to explain the sighting.

“No idea what this is. I just hit the record button on capture software. Sorry folks, comments disabled – I can’t answer any of your questions about this. Others should have recorded it too.”

But other online UFOlogists, such as UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring, have noted the similarity between the “unknown object” and strange UFOs believed to be alien creatures reportedly sighted during the famous 1996 “Tether Incident.”

Extraterrestrial Being Floats In Space Around ISS Astronaut?

Waring believes that the UFO in the latest live video from the ISS is of the same nature as ET phenomena recorded (see video below) in the 1996 Tether Incident.

“This UFO is similar to the UFOs seen during the ‘Tether Incident’ from back in 1996. Like those UFOs, this one appears to be the same shape, and moves the same. Those UFOs are believed to be alive. They are creatures that live in space, like a jellyfish lives in water. Usually they can only be seen with NASAs infrared camera, so I’m not sure why we can see it, but maybe because NASA installed two HD seven million dollar cameras last year.”

The so-called “Tether Incident,” which happened in 1996, during Space Shuttle Columbia’s STS-75 mission, is one of the several space incidents that believers cite as proof that aliens and UFOs exist.

Video recording of the incident appears to show UFOs floating around a tether protruding from NASA’s space shuttle Columbia.

On February 25, the fourth day of the joint U.S.-Italy mission, astronauts began deploying a Tethered Satellite System to study the Earth’s upper atmosphere. As the astronauts deployed the Satellite’s 12-milie “tether,” it broke and the satellite began floating away into space.

The video recording of the moment the tether broke and the satellite began drifting away had been available in black and white footage. But in 2014, new higher definition footage that became available gave enthusiasts the opportunity of a new look at the incident.

Online UFO hunters Stargazer Nation uploaded the new video, which appears to show bright orb UFOs approaching the tether.

But, according to the Houston Chronicle, astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz claimed that the objects were “a little bit of debris [illuminated by the Sun].”

The History Channel also explained that large white circles with a hole in the center that appeared in the footage were artifacts of the camera’s telephoto lens.

STS-75: ETs Floating In Space?

However, UFO enthusiasts, such as Waring, believe that the objects were alien or ET creatures that are able to float in space. Waring believes that the latest sighting was also an ET floating in space.

The notion of aliens existing as floating masses of tissue in space is not as weird as it seems. Russian cosmonauts announced recently that they detected the presence of sea plankton in space outside the ISS.

The famous British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking also noted recently that ET species could exist floating in interplanetary space.

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