Alien UFO Cover-Up? NASA Shuts Livestream As Gigantic UFO Appears Near ISS, Blogger Claims

UFO hunter Toby Lundh is causing a stir among alien UFO believers with the claim that on Jan. 6, 2015, NASA cut abruptly its live stream after a massive UFO appeared on the live feed.

Lundh, who contacted, provided a still photo of the alleged UFO to support his claim that NASA attempted to cover up “evidence” of a massive UFO presence near the International Space Station (ISS) by shutting the live video feed after the UFO appeared on it.

According to Lundh, NASA has removed the recording from its archives as part of the agency’s effort to conceal what alien UFO believers have long held are clandestine interactions between ISS astronauts and technologically advanced aliens.

Lundh’s claim has caught the attention of the online alien UFO enthusiasts community. A sampling of the reactions of members of this thriving community shows there is widespread distrust of NASA and other government agencies among them. Reacting to Lundh’s allegation on BeforeItsNews, a user observed that the incident illustrates why many in the “Truth movement” do not trust NASA.

“Many in the Truth movement no longer trust anything NASA says or does and here’s another example of why. As their live feed was showing the ISS, a huge UFO appeared and NASA cut the feed.”

Several other users expressed distrust of the agency.

“Did anyone actually believe anything NASA said from the start? Not me… They cut the feed because right there in-front of your eyes is a UFO and rather than open that can of worms they would prefer to label you insane.”

“Never believe anything the official people have to say. Just like Pharmacy. You want me to believe all these medicines and shots help keep me healthy, when you get paid to cure sick people? It defeats your job to do so, so why should I believe such BS? Anyone who believes that in this society should be declared insane.”

NASA has not responded to Lundh’s allegation, but some UFO skeptics on Reddit have dismissed his claims and questioned his credibility.

UFO Hunter Toby Lundh Claims This UFO Appeared Near ISS

A Redditor, “ObjectReport,” advised people to ignore Lundh.

“Please, please, please stop paying attention to the thirdphaseofmoon youtube channel. Please.”

Another Reddit UFO skeptic, “Deathtostupidpeople,” said that Lundh was a “hoaxer.”

But this is not the first time that alien UFO believers have accused NASA of deliberately shutting down its live video feed to cover up evidence of UFOs visiting the ISS. Lundh said UFOs were always showing up close to the ISS on the NASA live feed and that NASA always cuts the feed when this happens.

There was uproar in the alien UFO believers community last year when NASA announced it was shutting down its live feed due to budgetary constraints. But UFO believers accused NASA of trying to shut down the live stream because of UFO sightings being reported regularly by UFO hunters.

Reacting to the plan to shut down the live feed, the website UFO Sightings Daily accused NASA of trying to stop people from knowing the truth about frequent UFO rendezvous with the ISS in orbit.

“NASA says they will shut down the live public cams due to budget cuts, even thought the Canada company selling the photos will pay NASA a crap load of cash yearly. So the ‘budget cuts’ excuse is a lie. The truth is they want to stop the viewers from seeing the UFOs at the ISS and posting them to YouTube.”

Perhaps NASA has genuine reasons to be concerned about the deluge of alien and UFO conspiracy theories arising from public access to its live stream. NASA’s ISS live stream and Curiosity rover photos have become exceedingly rich sources of “evidence” fueling the thriving online alien and UFO conspiracy theory community. UFO and alien conspiracy theorists have been successful recruiting new believers with a bewildering array of alien and UFO conspiracy theories.

Curiosity rover photos, in particular, have provided a constant stream of photographic “archaeological” evidence supporting claims than an ancient Mars civilization was wiped out by a nuclear holocaust. Some of the theories being propounded in the emerging field of “exopolitics” claim that a “Pleiadian nuke destroyed Mars ecology” millions of years ago.

“Exopolitical” speculations provide the theoretical background for the bewildering array of claims of artifact remains in Curiosity rover photos—such as ancient temples, statues and castles—uncovered regularly by the UFOvni2012 YouTube account.

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