New Edition Movie Coming Soon, Sans Bobby Brown

A three-night television movie depicting the lives of the band New Edition is slated to air on BET next year, yet one critical aspect of the group will be missing during production: Bobby Brown.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that three-night mini series, set to air in 2016, is being co-produced by New Edition members Ralph Tresvant, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Ronnie DeVoe, and Johnny Gill.

There is still no word as to why Bobby Brown isn’t working on the film with the other New Edition members, yet with a daughter born this year and the recent untimely death of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, it’s possible that the “Don’t Be Cruel” singer isn’t ready to take on any major projects.

Bobby Brown

Still untitled, the new movie will mark the first time that BET has taken on a scripted music movie. The film is directed by Lottery Ticket‘s Abdul Williams, along with New Edition’s manager, Brooke Payne.

According to the band members, the movie is set be told directly through their eyes and experiences, including humble beginnings in Boston’s Orchard Park Projects, throughout their rise to fame, and the trials and tribulations along the way.

“We are ready to retrace our footsteps and show everyone how we got here. For the fans all over the world, this one’s for you.”

New Edition formed in Boston in 1978 after music producer Maurice Starr watched the group perform at a local talent show. Although they didn’t win, Starr was so impressed with their singing abilities and dance moves that he wanted to sign them to a major record label as soon as possible.

The fame of New Edition, with songs such as “Candy Girl” and “Mr. Telephone Man,” set the stage for a slew of 80s boy bands, including New Kids On The Block (also founded by Maurice Starr), Boys II Men, ABC, The Boys, and later on, 90s boy bands, including The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

Although all six members of New Edition found solo and group stardom outside of the group, it was Bobby Brown who saw the most success as a solo artist after leaving the group in 1986. His debut album, King of Stage, released in 1986, failed to make a mark. Yet the 1988 release of his sophomore album, Don’t Be Cruel, catapulted Brown into super-stardom.

Even though the movie still needs a director, the guys in the band assure all New Edition fans that they will enjoy the fully-completed project.

[Photos Courtesy of Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images, Amanda Edwards/Getty Images, & Bobby Brown/Facebook]