Mom Of 4 Jailed On Child Abuse Charge Asks For Release To Have 5th Baby Due To ‘Stress’ Of Lockup

Amber Marie Trybalski De Loach is a 24-year-old mom who already has four kids, with a fifth on the way. In fact, she is due to have the baby on August 29. There’s only one problem — De Loach has been in jail since July 21 on a felony charge of physically abusing a 4-year-old child — including, according to what doctors found, shooting the child with a BB gun.

But last week, the mom — whose 22-year-old husband, Jeremy Fitzpatrick De Loach, is also jailed on the same abuse charges — pleaded with a judge to let her out of the lockup so she could have her fifth baby, saying that the “stress and anxiety” of being behind bars “was not helping” her pregnancy.

The De Loach couple, who live in the small northern Alabama town of Arab, were arrested in late July after a relative took one of her children, age 4, to a hospital — and hospital officials then called in child protection authorities.

Amber De Loach’s husband is reportedly the child’s stepfather.

At the hospital, doctors who examined the 4-year-old found symptoms of severe malnutrition, as well as a broken rib that had apparently not been treated and remained unhealed.

The doctors also found a burn on the child’s body that they attributed to someone burning the child with a lit cigarette.

Perhaps most disturbing and twisted of all, they found a BB pellet lodged in the child’s buttocks. And those were just a few of the 4-year-old’s injuries — injuries that the medical authorities found to be consistent with child abuse.

But in her letter to a judge at Cullman County District Court, Amber De Loach denied injuring her child and begged to be released from the county Detention Center.

“Yes I’ve struggled as a parent but never hurt my children… I’m very scared about being in jail… I’m wrighting (sic) you this letter to ask you to please add me to a docket before I have my baby so I can be out and get my family’s life back in order.”

She said she was willing to accept probation and drug testing, as well as attend parenting classes, in order to secure her release. She is now being held on a $36,000 cash bond. In addition to the child abuse felony charge, she also faces misdemeanor marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession charges.

In a separate abuse case in Cullman County, Alabama, in July, Amber Cartwright and her boyfriend, Zachary Burns, were charged with sexually abusing her children, forcing them to watch and actually participate in sexual acts with her and Burns.

In a second letter to the judge, Amber De Loach again asked to be released despite the child abuse charge against her, telling the judge that her pregnancy was advanced to the point at which she was two centimeters dilated and “the stress and anxiety of being in here is not helping.”

[Image: Cullman County Sheriff’s Department]