WWE News: Huge WWE 2K16 Roster Update, Multiple Legends Revealed

WWE 2K16 is on pace to be the best-selling WWE video game in history. Yes, the game hasn’t even debuted yet, but with all of the information already leaked, the hype for the game is higher than ever before. One reason is due to the new game modes they are bringing back.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, modes like “Create-a-Championship” and “Create-a-Show” are returning to the WWE video game series. Also, the WWE Universe mode has expanded, and there are no loading screens in between entrances now. There’s more additions to the game, as they can be read at the link above.

On top of all the new additions to the game, the roster WWE 2K is putting together is very surprising. Arnold Schwarzenegger is already confirmed for the game. Even though Hulk Hogan got erased from the game, the Terminator’s likeness inside will bring fans to the game that may be the casual-gamer type.

As days are counted down until WWE 2K16 is debuted, more roster members are being announced. Today, IGNrevealed more roster members for WWE 2K16, including some legends and WWE NXT stars.

“Booker T, Colonel Mustafa, Emma, Eva Marie, General Adnan, Kalisto, Kane, Lord Steven Regal, Sin Cara, Summer Rae, Tamina and Triple H.”

In addition to those new wrestlers added, here is the compiled list of WWE superstars that are confirmed for WWE 2K16 as of this point.

“Booker T, Colonel Mustafa, Emma, Eva Marie, General Adnan, Kalisto, Kane, Lord Steven Regal, Sin Cara, Summer Rae, Tamina Snuka, Triple H, Steve Austin, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett, Paige, Finn Balor, Alexa Bliss, The Rock and Andre the Giant.”

Remember, there are rumored to be nearly 120 wrestlers in the game. They will be from the past, present, and from WWE NXT. As it’s already seen, Finn Balor, Kalisto, Alexis Bliss, Emma, Eva Marie, and Sin Cara are in the game. A ton of rumors are out about the entire list in the game. If IGN or the WWE doesn’t sign off on it, it’s probably not fair to think they are true.

WWE fans will want Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and other WWE NXT stars to be in the video game. Even if they aren’t, it’s very possible the WWE will include them in DLC packs. Normally, they come out a few months after the game debuts. Regardless, WWE 2K16 is on the verge of being the best-WWE game in history. It comes out on October 28.

[Image via thesmackdownhotel.com]