How Jesus Christ Saved Nicole Weider From The Dark World Of Modeling [Video]

Jesus Christ brings light into the darkness. Nicole Weider, drowning in the dark world of modeling and celebrity, where drugs and starvation go hand in hand, turned to Jesus Christ to lead her out of the darkness.

When Nicole Weider was 17, she found herself successfully embroiled in a modeling career. Rather than the dream come true she thought it would be, Nicole found modeling to be a draining experience. At the time, she was not necessarily a believer in Jesus Christ. Just six years later, her career had taken a toll on her, and she fell into a deep depression, reports the Christian Post.

“I mean I saw it all. I saw many celebrities in front of me doing drugs, I saw models that I work with starving themselves, anything you can imagine I saw up close and personal.”

The following video is an interview with Nicole from 2013. She discusses the degradation she felt at modeling lingerie, and the turning point when she gave her life to Jesus Christ, and how that made her feel so much better.

“Thankfully, my best friend Christina is a strong Christian, and she told me about Jesus and how he could turn my life around and how I had a second chance.”

Nicole found during a shoot for Victoria’s Secret that even the skinniest, most gorgeous super models were retouched.

“… It was really heavily retouched, he made her neck longer and one of the models has a lot of freckles [so] he was getting rid of them and it just completely changed my perspective on the whole modeling industry, so that was a really eye-opening experience.”

According to Charisma News, this was when Nicole found Jesus Christ. She feels this illusion of flawless beauty has a hard impact of girls of today, and leads to sexual pressures and negative body image. Weider founded a positive teen magazine, Project Inspired, to share the good news of Jesus Christ with girls.

“I’m so fortunate that these circumstances happened in my life because through those challenges and setbacks, I discovered that modeling wasn’t what [Jesus Christ] called me to do and I realized that I could use my experience to ultimately bring God glory.

When I first gave my life to God, He put in my heart that I needed to share my story with as many people as possible and I really felt God was calling me to share my story with teenage girls specifically because it was during my teen years that I started to go down the wrong path.”

Nicole says she prays that young girls will find Jesus Christ through her own personal story of how Jesus saved her.

[Image via Project Inspired]