Is Nicole Scherzinger The Cougar To Ed Sheeran’s Pussycat?

Is Nicole Scherzinger dating Ed Sheeran? The gossip columns have gone into overdrive in recent days suggesting that Scherzinger has Sheeran in her sights after splitting from Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. According to the Telegraph, Scherzinger and Sheeran have become close in recent months, and romance has blossomed after Nicole told Sheeran that his music has helped her to get over her split with Hamilton.

If the gossip is true, it certainly appears that the 37-year-old Scherzinger has a thing for much younger men. Former Pussycat Doll Nicole and Ed have been seen in public together fairly frequently in recent weeks. According to the Daily Mail, Nicole split with Hamilton back in February of this year, around the same time that Sheeran split with his long term girlfriend, Athina Andrelos. Since then, Ed has been linked with a succession of beautiful women, but there has been no confirmation from Sheeran about who he is, or is not, dating.

According to the Mirror, Scherzinger was Ed’s special guest when he played three sold out shows at the 80,000-capacity Wembley stadium last month. Ed is also reported to have taken Nicole on a date to a pub in his home town of Framlington, Suffolk. Nicole has shared pictures of herself with Sheeran on her Instagram feed.

Scherzinger reportedly began dating Hamilton when he was just 17-years-old and she was over 30. Sheeran and Hamilton are both 24-years-old.

According to the Mirror, an unnamed “close friend” of Sheeran’s has confirmed that he is dating Nicole.

“As far as he’s concerned they were in the early stages of daring and he’s been open about it with close friends and colleagues.

It may not develop beyond those dates, but they’re definitely tight.”

A friend of Nicole’s has also reportedly told the Sun that Scherzinger and Ed are in a relationship and have become “extremely close.”

“They were showbiz friends who saw each other on the scene. She was drawn to him over the last few months through his music. When she split from Lewis, she was heartbroken but ended up playing Ed’s songs on loop.”

Apparently, a spokesperson for Ed has denied that he is in a relationship with Nicole. Scherzinger’s representatives have not made any comment about the rumored relationship.

If Scherzinger is dating the much younger Sheeran, she could easily be seen as a cougar, seeking out relationships with much younger men. Sheeran is renowned as something of a pussycat and one of the nicest young men in the pop industry.

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