Dad Catches Newborn Baby While Standing Pregnant Wife Spontaneously Delivers

Kirsty and Ian are local heroes after the dramatic labor and delivery of their son was caught on tape. On the popular UK show, One Born Every Minute, it featured the doting dad pulling off an impressive feat: he catches his newborn baby boy when his wife spontaneously delivers.

According to an August 8 report by Red Book Magazine, a very pregnant Kirsty was a patient in the delivery ward of a hospital after she had labor and contractions. At one point in the video, the mom-to-be uses the ladies room with the help of a midwife and her hubby.

Watch the dramatic video here: (Warning: content may be considered graphic.)

As she made her way back to the bed, she felt an enormous push sensation from her baby. She panicked and yelled out to the pair in the room.

“Oh no, I can’t, it’s coming, he’s coming!”

Then, the unthinkable happened: her water broke before she could get back into the bed. The next moments were a blur as her hero husband pulled an amazing feat and saved the day. Without warning, Kirsty gave birth to her son, whose body simply popped out of her womb.

Luckily, before the baby fell on the floor, Ian showed off his sharp reflexes. The new dad caught the baby with one hand before a beautiful moment could turn tragic. This entire ordeal — from the bathroom to the baby saying “hello” — took less than two minutes, if that long. It’s nearly as exciting as another dad who catches a home run ball with one hand, while holding his baby in another, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

Citing a report from the Independent, the show launched in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since its debut. The show continues to enjoy a growing fan base, and it has the proud distinction of having a British Academy of Film and Television Arts award (or Bafta).

Needless to say, viewers and fans of the show on social media were overjoyed by the miraculous delivery. Arguably, the best moment beyond the birth of the baby was the dad catching his son — like a boss.

According to the show’s official Twitter page, the lucky baby was named Ryan by his amazing mom and pop. The reality TV show offered kind words of the new parents with a post, and a pic of the express-delivered infant. Perhaps, his name should have been “Flash.”

[Photo: Independent screenshot]