Watch: Dad Catches Home Run Ball On Father’s Day Bare-Handed While Holding Baby In Other Hand

One dad gets the Father’s Day memory of a lifetime at a Colorado Rockies vs. San Francisco Giants game when he catches Troy Tulowitzki home run in the third inning.

Troy Tulowitzki is no newbie to the home run. In fact, this season alone, Tulowitzki has hit 18 home runs, but this home run was made special by who caught it. If you watch the video, which was captured by the Major League Baseball camera crew, you will see exactly why this catch was so impressive. When Tulowitzki hit the ball towards the outfield bleachers at the seating entrance, you will see men with gloves and outward reaching hats diving towards the ball. However, an unassuming father just standing by the seating entrance holding his baby in his right hand, swipes the ball casually with his left hand, bare-handed.

The catch was so impressive that Perez Hilton, the gossip king himself, had something to say about this “Super Dad”:

He just reached up, caught the ball in his one free hand (his other was holding his child) and walked away like it was nothing. It’s super smooth and all kinds of bada**!

Tulowitzki was also impressed with this dad’s catch. According to the Denver Post, Tulowitzki was interviewed after the game holding the prized ball. He said:

I heard it was a father holding a baby who happened to get the ball. So I gave him some presents. And hopefully for that good catch he got rewarded.

The announcers called it, “the Catch of the Year” and I have to agree.

Alternatively, another catch recently made headlines when a butter-fingered dad was caught on camera as he dropped his toddler while trying to catch a ball on live TV. The mishap happened when an interview was taking place after an Aussie Rules game. In the background you see a toddler walk across the screen into the shot. The father goes after him and picks him up. A friend off camera then tosses him a ball, but as he catches the ball the toddler falls over his back shoulder onto the ground.

The Aussie incident left the people at Parent Dish wondering if men were capable of multitasking. Looks like Father’s Day “super dad” has proven it can be done with his amazing one-handed, baby-holding catch.

Tulowitzki also made headlines for a viral video when Ubaldo Jimenez beamed him. This lead to a full on bench clearing brawl that was caught on film in 2012.

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