Onlookers Watch In Horror As Philadelphia Man Uses Bat To Hit Woman, Smash Windows In Road Rage Attack [Video]

Early Wednesday morning, a 26-year-old woman – who requested to remain anonymous – was on her way to her grandmother’s house after getting off from work at a local hospital when she cut a driver off on Broad Street. When she stopped at a traffic light, she was in for a shock when a man came running beside her car and smashed her back window with a baseball bat.

She quickly exited the vehicle, attempting to get away but it wasn’t the smartest gesture as the assailant then pushed her to the ground and began attacking her, hitting her head, arm, and hands. According to Philly, the victim was able to quickly run to her car a few seconds later, but the relentless assailant followed.

The surveillance footage shows the road rage attacker striking her several times on the head and arm as the woman was attempting to get back inside of her vehicle. When she was finally safe inside, she took off, but the road rage attack didn’t end there though. In lieu of driving to safety, she stopped her vehicle in the middle of the street.

The attacker then walked calmly to her vehicle to smash the rest of the windows out of her car. Afterwards a dark-colored SUV approached and the attacker tried to get in, but was forced to run when the victim tried to run him over with her car.

Before the attack, the unidentified man was seen climbing out of a dark-colored SUV with an unidentified female driver and a backseat passenger who all remained in the vehicle during the road rage attack.

After the road rage incident, the victim went to a local hospital where doctors say she suffered a “fractured hand, lacerations, and a bruised scalp.” The road rage victim told Chris O’Connell, a FOX 29 reporter, that “He hit me on my head. He hit be on my back and thighs.”

“It didn’t have to go that far you could have cursed me out, but you didn’t have to attack me.”

Philadelphia police officials are now in search of the man who attacked the woman during a road rage incident. If anyone has any information regarding the attack, they are asked to contact the Northwest Detective Division.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]