WWE News: Roman Reigns Attacked At WWE Live Event [Video]

If Roman Reigns does not believe that some WWE fans still have not grown used to him, he better start to believe that.

At WWE’s live event in in Victoria, British Columbia, last night, Reigns was assaulted by a fan who threw a replica Money in the Bank briefcase at the former Shield member, according to several fans in attendance last night. Reigns was wrestling Bray Wyatt at the time of the assault.

Here’s video of what happened directly after the briefcase was thrown.

Reports indicate that when the briefcase hit Reigns, it dazed him for a little while as he tried to shake off the cobwebs. His opponent, Wyatt, reportedly stalled as security tried to restore some semblance of order. According to the report above, the WWE referee who was working the match had to leave the ring to assist security.

The situation got so bad that police had to be called to the venue.

However, Reigns was able to calmly regain his composure and complete his match with Wyatt. But as folks can imagine, fans in attendance noted that Reigns looked frustrated after the assault takes place.

This unfortunate incident is not the first, and likely far from the last, time that a fan got physically involved with another wrestler at a WWE event. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Randy Orton was attacked by a disgruntled fan at a WWE live event about two years ago. The fan managed to sneak into the ring and give Orton a shot below the belt while the “Viper” had his back turned.

The blow stunned Orton momentarily, but he was able to quickly recover, giving the fan a few kicks to the head before security dealt with the intruder.

It’s all right for WWE fans to not like certain performers — they pay their hard-earned money to go see them perform live. Fans are welcome to cheer, boo, or make signs to voice their displeasure. However, what that fan did, or attempted to do, to Reigns is unacceptable.

Once that fan tried to physically harm Reigns, actually knocking him out momentarily, he sealed his own fate. He’s lucky that briefcase did not cause more damage, or he’d likely be facing a stiff jail sentence. But since police were called to the venue, it would be a safe bet that the fan spent at least one night in the cooler.

Remember fans, do not try this at home or at the show where the wrestler is free to defend themselves from your foolish attack.

[Image via WWE]