Richard Armitage Transformed Into The ‘Red Dragon’ In Riveting ‘Hannibal’ Episode

Richard Armitage transformed into “The Great Dragon” in a riveting episode of the cancelled NBC series Hannibal, titled “And the Woman Clothed in Sun.”

Fans were anticipating Richard Armitage’s complete transformation into the beast after they got a little peek last week, and they weren’t disappointed. The British actor clearly stole the night, and those who have followed him for a long time couldn’t be happier that the rest of us now realize what an incredible talent this man is.

But this wasn’t just about Richard Armitage transforming into the terrifying “Red Dragon” — it was also about serial killer Francis Dolarhyde’s awakening. His relationship with Reba McClane (Rutina Wesley) entered the next level, so to speak, and Dolarhyde experienced something he had never had before.

Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley in 'Hannibal'
Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley in 'Hannibal' (NBC)
Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley
Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley (Far Far Away Site)

As things get more intense in the chase for the serial killer — who has brutally murdered two families during a full moon — time is running out for Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), who unbeknownst to him is getting closer to finding Dolarhyde than he thinks. Meanwhile, the friendship between Reba and Francis is evolving, and the episode starts with a mesmerizing scene in which he takes her to the zoo to visit a tiger who is sleeping before tooth surgery.

Sexy wouldn’t begin to describe the scene between Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley, as the blind woman uses her hands to feel the beautiful animal she cannot see. Francis is entranced and probably shocked at what he is feeling and how these feelings for Reba are affecting his well laid out plans to continue his murderous spree.

The challenge for showrunner Bryan Fuller is to convey all that Richard Armitage’s character was feeling onto the screen, and it is safe to say he was successful. The scene in which Reba and Francis are intimate for the first time is one of the most original things we have seen on TV lately. It’s not just about sex, but an experience that this grown man has never imagined to be possible and his struggle with “the beast” was heartbreaking to witness.

Earlier in the episode, as Francis talks to his idol, Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), Richard Armitage transforms into the “Red Dragon” before our eyes (ironic that Armitage was chasing the beast in The Hobbit). In all its horrific glory, Dolarhyde imagines what he would look like as the dragon spews fire, displaying all his power.

Richard Armitage transformed into the “Red Dragon,” and audiences paid attention. The 42-year-old actor also spoke more than in any other episode, and it was masterful in a role unlike anything the talented actor has ever done before. The scene in which he is shown practicing his speech is perfect. Why did NBC cancel this series again?

[Image via Far Far Away Site]