Belle Gibson’s Mother: ‘Belle Is Allowed To Tell Little Porky Pies,’ Asks For Daughter To Be Left Alone

Belle Gibson’s mother has come out in defense of her daughter’s recent actions, labeling the wellness blogger’s fake cancer story as a “white lie” and a “little porky pie.”

For those of you who do not know, Belle Gibson is a hugely famous health and wellness blogger who ran a popular app called Whole Pantry and also published a book under the same name. Earlier this year, however, Belle Gibson found herself mired in controversy after she admitted to lying over claims she had multiple cancers and had healed herself through natural means.

Since then, her book has been pulped and the app removed from the Apple store, the Guardian reported.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Belle Gibson’s mother, Natalie Dal-Bello, defended her daughter, saying the media is being too fussy in their pursuit to defame the health blogger.

“Belle told a white lie, aged 23-and-a-half. So what? Belle is allowed to tell little porky pies. Who the hell doesn’t tell a lie in their life? Nobody complained about Belle when she was helping people and now they want to put her under the microscope… It is time everyone moves on from this and allows Belle to grow and be a mother to her little boy. She should be left alone so she can get her life back on track.”

Natalie Dal-Bello then went on to add that she would like Belle Gibson to contact her so that they could get off on the right foot.

“Everyone makes mistakes. We all would like to make contact with you again. There’s always room for forgiveness.”

This latest statement marks a complete turn-around in Dal-Bello’s position on Belle Gibson’s fake story. Only last month, in an interview with Australian Women’s Weekly, she had expressed her regret over the whole fake cancer scandal.

“I can’t tell you how embarrassed we are about what she has done. And we sincerely wish to apologize to anyone who was deceived by Belle. For what small part we played in her life, we would like to say sorry.”

And as far as embarrassment goes, HeapsFunnyShorts on YouTube has compiled a parody video from Belle Gibson’s 60 Minutes interview with Tara Brown, which seems to be providing a little comic relief for former Belle Gibson followers who feel that they have been deceived.

We will have to wait to see if Natalie Dal-Bello’s recent interview helps mend her strained relationship with her daughter, but if it does, it may give Belle Gibson some respite after all that has transpired in the last few months.

[Photo: Screenshots from 60 Minutes / 9 Network Australia Official YouTube]