Radio Host Jay Severin Suspended Over Swine Flu Remarks

Jay Severin, a radio host with Boston’s WTKK 96.9 FM talk radio station, has been suspended indefinitely over some “offensive remarks” made over-the-air, local media outlets report. Severin hosts WTKK’s afternoon drive-time program.


Jay Severin Suspension, Week 2 — What Now?

Jay Severin Suspended

Jay Severin, known as being one of the station’s conservative hosts, evidently referred to swine flu as “swine, aka Janet Napolitano flu” on his program. According to the Boston Herald, the comment was considered an offensive reference against illegal aliens.

A Spanish newspaper in Boston claims Severin often goes on “anti-immigrant rants,” depicting Mexicans as “‘criminaliens’ and primitives who export venereal diseases to the United States.”

Jay Severin: Reaction

Severin himself is said to be surprised over the suspension. The Herald notes that the station itself had been using the same terminology within its promotional material played on-the-air.

Jay Severin’s agent has been quoted as saying he expects an amiable resolution and Severin back at his job soon.

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