‘Project Afterlife’: Life After Death, Modern-Day Resurrection Stories Told In New Destination America TV Series

Project Afterlife is a lively new TV series that is slated to air this weekend on the Destination Network. Project Afterlife will explore the experiences of those who have died and crossed over and those who have performed modern day resurrections. The interviews highlight the exact moment that they transitioned, with vivid descriptions of what they saw and experienced once they passed over.

Some religions teach that there is no life after death, and say that the Bible specifically teaches that when a person dies, they are in a state of unconsciousness until God comes back to resurrect them.

Those who have personally witnessed dead people coming back to life feel differently. You’ll hear from a group of men and women who perform healings on a daily basis. An ordained minister, who was once a non-believer, testifies that he has witnessed supernatural miracles. One firefighter uses prayer to help resurrect someone from the dead. Filmmaker Johnny Clark, whose 2013 documentary told the stories of those who say they can perform resurrections, will also participate in Destination America’s Project Afterlife.

Even more interesting, hear the interesting tales from individuals who crossed over to the other side but lived to tell about it. One woman named Darnisha describes finding herself kneeling down in a big white room when she died. A calm, peaceful feeling came over her as she watched a large group of people walking in a straight line, with no real expressions on their faces. Despite the strange surroundings, Darnisha felt extreme happiness. A few minutes later, she was directed by a woman dressed in white who motioned for her “to come.” In a beautiful voice, the strange woman in white asked her a second time if she was coming. Before she could answer, an eerie feeling came over her, and the room went black.

You’ll also hear from a man who says that he died and passed over to the other side. He had no memory of being inside a hospital room, or being surrounded by nursing and medical staff as they frantically tried to save his life. All he could see was a dark room full of people. Not being able to see the faces clearly, he continued to look for his mother. When he couldn’t find his mother in the room, it startled him. Here’s is how he describes the event.

“I was looking for my mother, and I did not see her. At that time, my soul jumped. If my mother is not here, then where am I.”

To find out the answer to this, tune in to the series premiere of #ProjectAfterlife on SUNDAY at 10/9c. Viewers can expect supernatural, paranormal themes and topics dealing with death.

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