Evelyn Lozada’s Grandfather Family Search Takes Her To New York Bronx, Plus The DNA Results Are In On Next ‘Livin’ Lozada’

Evelyn Lozada will find out the results of the DNA test on tonight’s Livin’ Lozada. Evelyn has been researching her family’s past, prompting her to contact a genealogy researcher to help her find her mother’s father. In last week’s episode, we saw Evelyn pay a visit to a plastic surgeon to discuss removing the old headbutt wound that she sustained during a heated argument with her ex husband, Chad Johnson.

This week, former Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is still digging in the past, but this time, her search takes her to New York, the place where she believes her grandfather’s relatives still live. The woman who is researching the family believes that Evelyn’s biological grandfather most likely died in 1999. But the grandfather had a brother, who is now in his 80s and lives in the Bronx. Evelyn’s sister traveled to the Bronx to meet with the man personally. In tonight’s episode, Evelyn Lozada’s sister will unveil the DNA results.

Evelyn’s daughter Shaniece Hairston doesn’t seem to show much interest in the family’s past. But, Livin’ Lozada viewers are excited about the DNA results and are hopeful that Evelyn finally has some answers for her mom. Listen in to what they’re saying on Facebook.

“Omg can’t wait chica! You are inspiration. Living lozada living life.”

“God places you where you need to be at all times. Hod bless you all. Amen. Xoxoxoxo. Loving this show.”

“I love that show……cant wait.”

“Now this going to be a Epic moment I’m their cant wait.”

“Omg I’m so nervous to hear what it says. I hope they found your moms family on her dads side.”

Many people like the show, but there are still those who say that Evelyn Lozada hasn’t changed and are puzzled as to why Oprah would choose to follow her lifestyle by giving her a show.

“Not a fan of this 40 something year old bully. I don’t and won’t even watch. Can’t understand why this keeps showing on my news feed.”

“Thats why I’m not watching..I thought she turned down BBW offer to get over her past..She is a punk let someone hard core step to her..I bet you she aint pulling that with Tammy.”

For the rest of us, we’ll be right there front and center tonight as the DNA results are finally revealed. Are the old family stories that have been passed down in Evelyn’s family for more than six decades true? Or will this be yet another disappointment for her mother? Find out tonight on the latest episode of Livin’ Lozada on OWN.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]