WWE News: Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar ‘WWE SummerSlam’ Match To Have Retirement Stipulation Added

WWE Legend The Undertaker lost his streak to WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar way back at WrestleMania 30. It was a match that ended in shock and awe for all WWE fans. Even those who thought Undertaker would lose a match at WrestleMania at least once in his career were shocked. It got national and worldwide attention and really brought a lot of attention to WWE.

The shock of it all made the arena in New Orleans go silent. You could hear a pen drop. The rest of the people at home, including myself, were sitting silently as well, with all of the world thinking that something was going to happen and the match would restart. Then Lesnar’s music hit and it sunk in that “the streak” was over. Since then, Undertaker hasn’t gone after Lesnar for revenge, and it was quite weird to see. Everyone wondered when he would seek out Lesnar to take him down.

Finally, he did so. At WWE Battleground, Undertaker appeared in Brock’s match against Seth Rollins and cost him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This led to the two of them brawling on WWE RAW the following night. Soon the rematch was set — Undertaker would take on Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam.

Going into this match, everyone assumed that The Undertaker would walk out the winner. It makes a lot of sense, seeing as he lost the match at WrestleMania 30. However, that could change or at least be put in doubt. According to Cageside Seats, WWE is potentially going to add an interesting stipulation to their SummerSlam match. The loser of the match will have to retire. One would imagine that if either man loses, they will come back despite this. It does put some doubt in who will win the mwatch, as we know Brock Lesnar isn’t going to retire soon. We also know WWE wouldn’t want him to miss time all the way up to WrestleMania 32.

Meanwhile, The Undertaker is older and most likely should retire soon. However, with WrestleMania 32 being in Texas, it is doubtful he will retire either. However, he could miss a lot more time than Lesnar, as there are fewer options for him over The Beast Incarnate.

This makes the retirement stipulation somewhat interesting but not very useful, as fans know it won’t really mean anything. It would be like a John Cena quitting or retiring angle. We all know it’s not going to really happen. While it does add a bit more to the match than before, we will have to see if it’s really worth having.

[IMG Credit: IGN]