Yolanda Foster’s Daughter Gigi Called Fat, Asked To Lose Weight

Yolanda Foster knows how tough and brutal the modeling world can be. Yolanda grew up modeling long before she signed a contract to film The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Yolanda often shares her stories on the show about how she traveled the world as a model. However, Foster may not want the tough modeling world to be hard on her daughters. Both Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are now working models.

Yolanda Foster may never have heard that she was too fat to work, but her daughter Gigi was told this when she first started out. And she is just opening up about the harsh criticism now. One can imagine that Foster was a bit angry with those comments since her daughter is actually very healthy. And prior to being a model, Yolanda’s daughter was actually an athlete.

According to a new Hollywood Life report, Yolanda Foster is always standing by her daughter, and she was there to offer support when things got tough for her daughter. Foster’s daughter was told she was too fat simply because she had plenty of muscles in her body.

“My thighs were huge, they were like rock! I had like crazy muscles and I [ate] like a man – more than the man that I eat like now, like a bigger man – and it was crazy but at the time I didn’t care what my body looked like, I just wanted to be the best volleyball player I could be so it didn’t really matter to me,” Gigi Hadid reveals, adding, “When I first went to visit different agencies in New York, a lot of them were like, you have to lose a lot of weight. I would cry at night and my mom [Yolanda Foster] would be like, ‘We’re going to find the [right] people.'”

Yolanda Foster encouraged her daughter to keep looking for a contract while maintaining her curves. And the deal soon came her way, as Gigi continues to embrace her curves. It is awesome to hear that Foster was in full support of her daughter and what she had to offer.

“I’m kind of the model that everyone thought would always be the Guess, Sports Illustrated girl, then when I started to do high fashion stuff… people were like, ‘Oh so we can have a girl with like thighs and a butt in a Tom Ford campaign, cool,” she explains.

And while Yolanda Foster can give herself a pat on the back of being the best mother ever, she continues to struggle with Lyme disease. According to the Inquisitr, some of her co-stars continue to show support.

What do you think of Yolanda Foster being a support system for her daughter?

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