Mariah Carey Gushes Over New Billionaire Man, Annoyed With Nick Cannon For Stalling Divorce [Video]

Mariah Carey recently had the honor of unveiling her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was also in the mood to share about her recent successes in both love and career with Extra. The 45-year-old mother of two chatted during the exclusive interview with correspondents in regards to a new role on Empire and also about her new love, billionaire boyfriend James Packer.

Since Carey’s split from Nick Cannon, 34, Mariah has been keeping busy with her Vegas residency but has also found time to ignite a new romance with 47-year-old Packer. Reports were made that the two are residing in a rented Malibu beach home on Billionaire’s Beach, and Carey relayed bashfully to Extra that her new beau “is a very generous man.”

Back in June, TMZ noted that it was clear the new couple was already quite serious, and that Packer has every intention of taking the budding relationship to the next level as soon as Carey has officially divorced Nick Cannon. The website shared words of an insider who is close to the songstress.

“Our Mariah sources say it’s insane… they’ve been ‘dating’ for just a matter of days, but he’s already told her he wants to marry her, sooner rather than later. The soonest can be when she’s officially divorced from Nick Cannon. But we’re told Mariah is open to tying the knot with James.”

However, Mariah has reportedly been quite frustrated of late with her ex Nick Cannon, who seems to be dragging his feet during the difficult divorce process. Although the two are still friendly and often reunite for the sake of their children, Carey is apparently more eager to finalize the divorce than Nick is. TMZ reports that the diva enjoyed a meal with her divorce lawyers after receiving her star on the Walk of Fame. The site relayed their findings from sources present at the dinner.

“[W]e found out she had dinner with her divorce lawyers this week to come up with a plan to put the screws to Nick Cannon, who’s dragging his feet in their divorce, and at the same time assuring new BF, James Packer, she’ll be free to marry him soon.”

For the time being, the new couple seems to be relishing their time together, and Mariah has certainly got the right team on her side to help make the divorce final, resulting in the best situation for all involved.

Watch Mariah discussing her new Empire role with Extra.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]