Doctor Binh Minh Chung Accused of Fondling Girl in 2006, Facing New Charges For Child Porn, Sexual Assault And Drugging Patients

When Dr. Binh Minh Chung was accused in 2006 of fondling a 15-year-old patient he was supposed to be treating for pink eye, the charges were dismissed in a plea deal.

Chung did 100 hours of community service, took classes in impulse control, and promised to stay out of trouble, according to The Las Vegas Review Journal. In exchange, the doctor was not convicted of a crime, and the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners allowed him to continue treating patients.

Apparently, Binh Minh Chung did not keep his promise, and he now stands accused of drugging and sexually assaulting several of his patients. These charges have been added to his original indictment for the production and possession of child pornography, and as a result, Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Deborah Lippis agreed to raise his $550,000 bail to $1 million.

After agreeing to the Prosecutor’s request to raise the doctor’s bail, Judge Lippis made her opinion known, saying, “Bail is not unreasonable to be set at one million. In fact, it might be even reasonable to make it higher.”

The criminal complaint against the physician contains 28 counts. The new charges were filed after his wife — who has now filed for divorce — allegedly caught her husband drugging patients, sexually assaulting them, and recording it on videotape.

Dr. Chung was arrested when his wife found some videos on her husband’s hard drive and brought them to the police. The footage showed a man in medical scrubs having sex with women who appeared to be unconscious, according to CNN. His wife verified that the man in the videos was the doctor.

This led police to his office, where they allegedly unearthed multiple videos of child porn from his hard drive.

Now, the doctor, 41, is facing a slew of disturbing charges: 11 counts of producing and possessing child pornography, three of sexual assault, and 13 for administering a drug to aid in the commission of a felony. Two of his alleged victims were a minor and her mother, The New York Daily News added.

One of his young victims told the Las Vegas police that he allegedly used Ketamine on her. On June 4 — the same day Binh Minh Chung’s wife came in for the disturbing show-and-tell — the minor told authorities she’d been victimized by her doctor a year before. The girl is between 14 and 18, and he allegedly created a pornographic video with her.

The girl was being treated by him for acne, and the doctor picked her up from home one night to take her to his office for the treatment, which began with a shot to put her to sleep. She reported drifting in and out of consciousness; waking at one point to find she wasn’t wearing her pants, and her feet were in stirrups.

When she finally woke up and vomited, the doctor allegedly told her it was a side effect of the treatment. He drove her home at 3 a.m. the next day. It was a conversation with her mom that brought the memories to the surface, and her mother also believed she’d been drugged and raped by the physician.

Doctor Chung has not posted bail, and he remains incarcerated. In view of the new charges, Binh Minh Chung’s medical license has been suspended.

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Doctor Binh Minh Chung Accused of Fondling Girl in 2006, Facing New Charges For Child Porn, Sexual Assault And Drugging Patients