WWE News: John Cena And Seth Rollins Rivalry Set To Be Long Standing Feud For The Rest Of 2015

Cena and Rollins RAW

WWE Superstar John Cena has been at the top of WWE for over a decade now. Cena won his first World Title at WrestleMania 21, and he has not looked back. He is the man in WWE, and few come close to him in popularity. Only legends like The Rock can rival Cena’s appeal, which is saying a lot since Rock is a major star in Hollywood now, and he rarely wrestles.

Cena is a 15 time World Champion with WWE. He has the most WWE Titles in history, but he is one shy of the most World Titles in pro-wrestling history. He came within a millisecond of beating Brock Lesnar for his 16th World Title, but Seth Rollins interfered in the match.

Ric Flair currently holds the record with 16 World Titles won across the NWA, WCW, and WWE. Meanwhile, John Cena has won all of his titles with WWE. He clearly holds the record for WWE World Titles, but he is still unable to win that big number 16 to tie Flair. However, Cena’s dream may come true very soon.

John Cena is set to face Seth Rollins at WWE SummerSlam in a winner take all match. That means both the United States and WWE World Heavyweight Titles will be on the line. This is a huge event as Cena has brought new respect to the United States Championship, while Rollins has seemingly brought the WWE World Title down. Rollins has held the title since WrestleMania 31, so dropping to Cena after a six-month reign is still quite an accomplishment.

There are rumors, however, that Rollins might actually retain the WWE World Title. A recent report from The Wrestling Observer claimed that the Rollins and Cena rivalry is set to run for a while. According to the report, their feud will most likely last for most of 2015 and probably come to a conclusion by the end of the year.

In order to make that happen, you’d have to see the two struggle for the WWE World Title. If Cena is screwed out of the WWE World Title and his US Title at SummerSlam, it will make sense to have a rematch. Then you could see John Cena walk out as champion, which would then force another rematch at the following PPV. The back and forth for the title is just what WWE needs to keep a Cena-Rollins feud going until the end of the year.

In reality, WWE could go a lot of ways with Cena and Rollins. However, if John Cena were to walk in and win the WWE World Title at SummerSlam, then after one rematch, it makes no sense to have him face Rollins again. The Authority is already starting to sour on Seth Rollins. So, it is doubtful he will keep getting shots at the WWE World Title. That means WWE has to screw Cena out of the title early on. Do not be surprised if that is the plan currently as John Cena getting his 16th World Title at SummerSlam just seems to perfect to be true.

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