Duggar Family Update: Jill Dillard To Return To United States In October

Jill Dillard

The Duggars can rejoice. It appears that Jill and Derick Dillard plan to return to the United States in October for a visit with friends and family. The Dillard family has spent a month in Central America doing missionary work in the area. Despite a “busy and adventurous last month,” the Dillard family plans to return to the United States in October for a short visit. Therefore, it seems that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar won’t have to wait too long to hold their grandbaby Israel in their arms again.

Jill Dillard updated her fans on the family’s progress in Central America after nearly three weeks of social media and blog silence. However, according to Jill’s post, it appears the family has been keeping busy and simply didn’t have time to make an update. Jill notes that the past month has been “busy and adventurous” with a variety of projects happening on the missionary front.

Jill said that she visited a variety of countries Central America with numerous small towns and villages on the list. In fact, she noted that Derick would even hike to small villages for his missionary work. Jill would sometimes stay behind with baby Israel while Derick helped lead mission teams. However, when Jill was alone, she used it as an opportunity to immerse herself in the culture and language of the area. The Duggar daughter said that the little kids loved to play with Israel so she would use that time to learn Spanish. Jill is set on learning Spanish and hopes that one day she will even dream in Spanish.

“One day, I was at the church while Derick was hiking to a remote village so I took advantage of the opportunity to learn some more Spanish. I grabbed my notebook and pen and, while the little kids were playing with Israel, I asked the local ladies lots of questions, ‘What is this?’, ‘How do you spell it?’ etc. It’s not easy learning a new language, but one day soon, I pray I’ll be able to communicate fluently and even dream in Spanish!”

With Jill’s determined to being able to speak to the people of Central America in their native language, the Dillards decided to spend the next month in language school. With the S.O.S. Ministries group that the Dillards arrived with heading back to the U.S., it appears the Dillards are on their own. However, the alone time won’t last long. The Dillards said that after they complete language school at the end of the month, they will be returning to the United States for a brief period of time before heading back into the field once again.

Are you still following the activities of any of the Duggar children after 19 Kids and Counting was removed from the air?

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