This Newest Nail Art Trend Is A Little Different

You know when you spend hours browsing through Instagram and Pintrest to find the perfect nail art to complete your look and you happen across a trend that you can’t fully grasp, well that is what’s going on in this newest trend to sweep the internet and it’s called “bubble nails.”The nail art, bubble nails also known as “hump nails” according to Metro, has been around since 2009 but just recently popped back up to fill our Instagram’s with this crazy new nail art trend.

The point of bubble nails is to make it look like there is literally a bubble sitting underneath your nail giving it a 3-D look. The way to achieve this nail art trend is by building up acrylic in the middle of the nail and then thinning it out around the edges, creating a curve or the bubble, according to Nails Magazine. It is your decision how curvy you want your bubble to look.

Here is a video to show you exactly how to achieve these newest nail art trend.

And of course with any new nail art trend out there, there are hundreds of thousands of people flaunting them off on their social media.

And with any great trend you have a group of people who don’t think it’s as good as everyone says it is.


Who knows how long this nail art trend will last and if it will continue to fill our feeds with its oddness. Lets just hope a Kardashian doesn’t jump on board and start making their own version of the bubble nail because then we know it will never leave.

Before attempting to try new newest nail art trend it is always wise to consult a professional and see the damage the ball of acrylic can do to your nail before jumping head first into it. Steve Carell speaks for all of us in the above gif when it comes to this trend, maybe it’s one that should have stayed in 2009.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images]