Tracy Martin: Witnesses Ask ‘What Happened Here And Why Is There A Naked Man Being Chased By Police?’ [Raw Video]

Tracy Martin, 44, of Ohio caused a major accident on Interstate 71. The wreck involved six vehicles. WKYC reported that a Ohio State Trooper witnessed Martin drive his pickup truck on the shoulder of I-71 at 6 p.m. in the evening. In the process, he sideswiped four cars. This is where the odd moves to bizarre.

At this point, Martin rear-ended a Mercedes, causing it to spin out of control. The force of the accident propelled Martin’s truck into a concrete median. The truck then flipped over and landed on a Jeep. The bizarre occurred when Martin jumped out of his truck and started fleeing on foot, completely naked.

This video, taken by a passerby, leaves little to the imagination.

Mindy Banks was traveling northbound going the opposite direction when she witnessed the whole thing.

“It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen. I was videotaping when they tased the man right outside my car. The taser did not faze him.”

Troopers finally chased Martin down. However, according to Banks, that didn’t stop him either.

“I saw the officer pull out his night stick and hit him three or four times. That didn’t faze him either. The officer and another driver were eventually able to get him under control.”

Remarkably, there were no fatalities in the incident. A person in the Jeep, as well as another person, were airlifted to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with serious injuries. Three other people were transported to Bethesda North Hospital with serious injuries. Martin was also taken to Bethesda for observations.

Banks’ account of the incident is particularly telling of the situation that motorists found themselves in.

“It went from somewhat entertaining to an absolutely chilling scene in seconds, I cannot believe there were not fatalities. There were people stuck and calling from cars. I literally got chills.”


It wasn’t long before other witnesses took to Twitter to find out exactly what was going on.

According to WLWT, police suspect that drug usage was involved. This would explain the reason why Martin was not fazed by the taser or the night stick. Some witnesses reported that the officer chased Martin for up to a mile before they could finally stop him.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the incident with Tracy Martin, it will be interesting to hear some of yours. Let us know.

[Photo by WCPO]