Nashville Theater Shooting Suspect Killed By Police, Identified

Nashville Theater Shooting Suspect Killed By Police, Identified

Occupants of a movie theater in Nashville, Tennessee, were terrorized yesterday when a gunman wielding pepper spray, a hatchet, and a pellet gun entered the theater and began pepper spraying people inside. The conflict finally ended later that same day when the suspect was fatally shot by police outside the theater. Deadline discovered that the shooter is, in fact, dead, and the suspect was named as 29-year-old Vincente Montano of Nashville. The site also mentioned that Montano has a long history of psychiatric problems.

The Nashville shooting comes just a few weeks after a shooting at a Louisiana movie theater took the lives of two young women this past July. That shooting comes on the tails of a verdict having been decided in the case of mass murderer James Holmes, who went on a shooting rampage in an Aurora, Colorado, theater back in 2012. Police Spokesman Don Aaron told MSN that authorities have no motive for the shooting at the moment.

“Police working at an accident scene nearby quickly responded to the reports of a gunman at the theater, Aaron said. One entered the theater and encountered the man, who fired at the officer, police said. The officer returned fire.”

The Inquisitr reports that the Nashville shooter had been in the vicinity of the movie theater since 9 a.m. on the day of the attack. The shooting occurred in Antioch, Tennessee. President Obama condemned the attacks, and pointed out the vast number of shootings that have occurred in the U.S. this year alone. The President has continually admitted that the type of widespread violence exemplified by these shootings is a major problem in America, and one that the country as a whole needs to work together on.

The Grand Forks Herald discovered that three victims were treated for pepper spray wounds, though none were hospitalized. The theater shooter, Vincente Montano, also carried a backpack with a device that appeared to be a bomb inside. However, the device was later exposed as a hoax. The shooting occurred while the theater, known as Hickory Hollow Cinemas, was screening the new film, Mad Max: Fury Road. The shooting has once again caused America to look at the issues related to gun control and political freedom, as the attack was largely carried out using pepper spray rather than a gun.

[Image Credit: Jason Davis / Stringer / Getty Images]