Chelsea Houska Moves In With Cole DeBoer

Chelsea Houska boyfriend

Chelsea Houska has moved in with her boyfriend. Over one year after the two met at a South Dakota gas station, the Teen Mom 2 star has welcomed her man into the home she shares with her 5-year-old daughter, Aubree. On Aug. 6, Radar Online revealed the exciting news, claiming the couple made their move at the end of last month.

“Cole is so polite; a yes sir, no sir kind of guy,” a source told the entertainment site earlier this year, according to the report. “Randy thinks he is the ‘Anti-Adam!'”

Throughout her time on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska has been involved in tons of drama because of her former boyfriend, Adam Lind, who is also Aubree’s dad. Even though the former couple parted ways years ago, Lind’s failure to step up as a father continues to plague Chelsea Houska. During a recent episode of the show, Chelsea Houska was seen sitting down with her father to discuss Lind’s behavior with her daughter, and according to Houska, she’s never going to trust Lind with their child.

“He’s never going to change. Even if he does change, I’ll never trust him. I just want to do a good job and raise her right and for her to end up good and happy and no problems. I don’t want anything to be ruining any part of her. And he is.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Chelsea Houska’s current custody battle with Lind has been filmed for the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, and as the season continues, fans will see more and more of Houska’s heartache over the issue.

In an interview with Perez Hilton last month, Chelsea Houska spoke of what fans will soon see on the show.

“You are going to see it all play out … Me getting the letter and dealing with the lawyer, and they filmed us going into court … It’s hard to go back to a time when you were really stressed out and to have those feelings again, but I try not to let it bother me… There’s things that he does that I feel aren’t genuine, and I feel like he has different motives. I think he’s trying to make himself look better.”

For more of Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer, tune into Teen Mom 2 season six on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV. Adam Lind is also featured on the reality series.

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