Jennifer Aniston, Theroux Secretly Wed? Rumors Include Pregnancy & Adoption As Jen Talks Healthy Lifestyle [Video]

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux wedded? Jennifer and Justin either had a wedding or a huge birthday party, and the hints that it was a real wedding are leading to interesting rumors about Aniston and Theroux tying the knot, reported TMZ.

Held at their California mansion, the celebration reportedly began when Jennifer informed her pals that she was giving Justin a birthday party. Among those who attended Aniston’s event, in addition to Theroux, were Howard Stern, Chelsea Handler, Sia, Lisa Kudrow and John Krasinski showed up.

But hints that it might be a wedding cake included the male and female bride-ish duo atop the cake and a pastor holding a Bible entering their home.

However, as tabloid reports spread faster than rumors on Justin Bieber’s latest girlfriend, Jennifer finds herself again in the position of denying false pregnancy, Aniston adoption, and marriage stories in tabloids, reported MSN.

The latest Jennifer headlines came from Life & Style, which quoted an Aniston insider as revealing the secret marriage. That same source supposedly shared the details of Jennifer’s adoption of a baby girl with Justin.

“Jen and Justin signed papers after going through a series of interviews,” claimed the source.

That insider also provided details on how actress Sandra Bullock inspired Jennifer and provided Aniston with guidance on adoption.

So what’s true and what’s false? None of it is real, and Jennifer’s representative provided the reality of that Life & Style cover story.

“All made-up c**p,” said the spokesperson.

The tabloid also shared similar news about 12 months ago, subsequently announcing that Jennifer was three months pregnant.

What is real about Aniston, however, is her devotion to maintaining her natural beauty with diet, exercise, and carefully chosen products, reported Elle.

“I usally have warm water with lemon first thing in the morning if I can remember,” said Jennifer. “Otherwise I’ll have a cup of coffee, feed the dogs, then a shake, eggs and a little avocado and a little coconut oil on Ezekiel whole wheat toast.”

Aniston follows that healthy breakfast with a trip to the gym, where she’s expanded her usual yoga routine with more variety.

“I do 20-30 minutes of cardio and then an hour with barre method,” revealed Jennifer. “I have the Smart Water bottle that’s 23 ounces. I make sure I get three or four in of those a day. It’s such a habit for me now. So many people are water lazy; it’s such an important thing.”

As for her beauty regime, Aniston uses Living Proof hair products, and is careful about taking care of her skin when she travels.

“I do take my makeup off. There are great makeup removers from Aveeno, so you just wipe it off. And a little spray bottle of Evian, and wipe your face down with a toner, and put on your moisturizer, and do a mask, especially on a European flight. I’m a lip balm and eye drops addict.”

The rest of Jennifer’s diet includes a big salad. Aniston combines cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, and pistachios, reported Us Weekly.

Jennifer snacks on cucumbers and frozen grapes.

“I like the red ones — they’re really easy and delicious. They give you that frozen crunch. I was at a spa one time, and they gave me a little cup of frozen grapes after my mud bath soak or whatever. It was sort of like, ‘This is genius.’ ”

In addition to barre, Aniston mixes up her routine, although yoga remains a priority.

“I have a lot of favorite workouts. I love cycling, I love yoga of course, and I recently started doing barre method — which is painful and hard. Variety is the key for me.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Jennifer advocates a sugar-free, organic diet — and no smoking.

“Our generation knows what we should put in our bodies, and that we shouldn’t be trashcans putting all sorts of crap in there. We know all the benefits of eating organic fruits and clean foods. We learned that smoking and sugar are the enemy,” opined Aniston.

[Disclaimer: The Inquisitr strongly recommends you consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. The Inquisitr does not endorse any of the diets or diet techniques mentioned in this article.]

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Darin Pfeiffer Consulting]